The 6th Month Stage

Most people are at the early stage of pursuing their dreams. At this stage, we are either just starting out, our we haven’t either started yet. After you’ve gotten past the starting phase, the next stage you should aim for is the 6th month stage. At this stage, something miraculous will happen. You will realize … Continue reading The 6th Month Stage


Often, people are only willing to invest their efforts if they believe that they will guarantee them success. Therefore, we can say that having self-belief is vital to our success. But how do one attain self-belief? The key is to get started immediately and to keep going and going on a daily basis. When one … Continue reading Self-Belief


Do you find yourself criticizing others all the time? If the answer is yes, you will need to start to reflect on yourself. Ask yourself why are you constantly surrounded by so many people with things to criticize about. Desirable people attract other desirable people. Likewise, undesirable people will attract the undesirable ones. This is … Continue reading Criticisms