Will Anyone Remember You?

Would you like to be remembered by others after you have passed on? Most people won’t admit that they wish to be remembered due to the fear of being labelled as egoistical. But try thinking from another point of view. People who are remembered, and respected, are often people who have made sacrifices and brought … Continue reading Will Anyone Remember You?

Who Are You Rooting For?

All our lives, we have been rooting for others. Think about it, year after year, we root for our favorite sports team to win championships. We root for our favorite boybands. We root for our favorite superheroes to defeat the villains in Marvel films. and on course, we also root fervently for our preferred presidential … Continue reading Who Are You Rooting For?

How to Overcome Fears

Fear serves an important purpose, they exists to keep us safe. Unfortunately, keeping us safe comes with a cost. By keeping us safe, fear obstructs us from our destiny to achieve massive success. Achieving massive success requires us to take risks, which the degree of it varies. It requires us to push ourselves to the … Continue reading How to Overcome Fears