Do you need a gym to exercise? The answer is no. Then why else do you need a gym membership for? For vanity purpose? When we go to the gym, we are serious. A gym is a place to train and when we go there, we train. Distractions are reduced. Take away our phones, distractions … Continue reading Gym


Even if you don't need to lose weight, you should go for a run. Even if you getting healthier isn't your priority, you should go for a run. Even if you don't feel like it, or don't feel you need it at the moment, just go. Getting fitter, getting healthier, these are always secondary when … Continue reading Running


I'm sure you have watched a speaker on stage, speaking confidently, charismatically and with an abundance of eloquence. Of course, there are those who are born with the gift of the gab but does that condemn those who don't to a lifetime of silence and envy? The key to speaking well is to, well, speak. … Continue reading Speak