Finding Purpose

People always ask how can they become success. And my answer will always be the same: Find Your Purpose. Once you have found your purpose in life, everything else will aligned itself automatically to help you achieve your dreams and desires. You will become hardworking automatically. You will wake up early automatically. You will find … Continue reading Finding Purpose

Crazy People

Have you watched the film Back to the Future and Click? What’s the similarly between Dr. Emmett Brown and Morty in the respective films? Both have messy hair, wear white coats, and are seemingly crazy. One invents a time machine and the other, a remote control that can fast forward to whichever stage in life … Continue reading Crazy People

You’re Going To Succeed

Perhaps you’re currently stuck in mediocrity. It doesn’t matter, because you are going to succeed. But it will only happen if you have a burning desire to become successful. Success is a destination. Some say it’s not. But it really is. How can it not be? It is simply a place we haven’t reach yet. … Continue reading You’re Going To Succeed