Do Faster

Successful people do things faster. Not just because by doing things faster, you can complete them faster. But more importantly, when you do things faster you can accomplish more within the same period of time. An average person may spend 1 day doing 8 things but for a successful person, because he place emphasis on … Continue reading Do Faster

Be Busy

Ever heard people saying that we shouldn't be busy, but rather, be productive? Don't be busy, but rather, have priorities? Busy, productive, priorities, they are all the same. You will need to keep yourself working on whatever that will bring you success. What you shouldn't have is slots of emptiness. Spending all your "free time" … Continue reading Be Busy

Trivial Matters

Successful people don't let trivial matters complicate the important tasks on hand. Complaining. Small talks. Moaning. Resisting actions. These are unnecessary activities that will only prolong the completion of the tasks. Getting into a habit of constantly being bugged by these will only bring more frustrations and unproductivity. Unsuccessful people constantly allow trivial matters to … Continue reading Trivial Matters