What do you identify yourself as? The answer could possibly tell a lot.

Average people identify themselves as average. Even before the pistol is fired, the idea of failure has already been planted in their mind. Because success, is meant only for the born-success.

And what about successful people? In their mind, success is a non-negotiable. It’s there, within their horizon. It’s inevitable. They only need to find out what they want, how to do it, and then do it. Successful people simply identify themselves as success.

The difference is really all in the mind. What do you identify yourself as? Average or successful?

Modern Day Slavery

In the past, we have slaves being exploited by powerful people all over the world. It’s a really sensitive topic, I get it. So I’m not going to talk about that.

Today, we have slaves too. Slaves to their job, to their paycheck, and to others expectation.

When you’re not having the freedom to do something that you’re destined to do, and that you’re passionate about, then ask yourself, what’s so different about you as compared to a slave?

Even if you’re paid handsomely, you could still be just a high paying slave. Because anytime, someone could take it away from you and you could fall immediately into extreme destitute and despair.

If this resonates with you, in one way or another, then you will need to wake up. You need to find a way out of your situation. You need to revolt against your circumstances.

Is your high lifestyle keeping you a slave? Is your debt keeping you a slave? Are the opinion of others keeping you a slave? If you’re upset about your situation, then change. Change takes time but you will definitely need to start somewhere. And if you need to start somewhere, why not start now?

What’s holding you back? The answer? Go and look into the mirror now and I assure you that you’ll see the answer looking right back at you.

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Positive Mindset

There’s a saying that if we take everyone’s money and redistribute them equally among everyone on the planet, the money will eventually still return to whoever’s pocket it came from.

This saying is true because wealth is all about possessing the right mindset. A person who enjoys spending every dollar he receives will continue to do that. And another person who enjoys putting every dollar he has into investment will also continue to do that.

No prize for guessing who will end up broke and who will end up wealthy.

Therefore, we can conclude that mindset is the key factor to attaining massive wealth in our lives. But how can we attain such a mindset?

In life, we are always surrounded by temptations and distractions. And it is our duty to distant ourselves away from them as far as possible. They often appear to be innocuous. But their negative impact to our lives is something that cannot be underestimated.

To improve our mindset, we must also constantly input positive thoughts into our mind. Reading self-help books is a fantastic way to achieve that.

Also, surround yourself with positive people. Just by being close to them, you will absorb their positivity and that will help you becoming more positive yourself.


Often, people are only willing to invest their efforts if they believe that they will guarantee them success.

Therefore, we can say that having self-belief is vital to our success.

But how do one attain self-belief? The key is to get started immediately and to keep going and going on a daily basis.

When one is able to perservere long and hard enough, self-doubt will gradually be forgotten.

Whereas, self-belief will start to increase.

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4 Things You Must Do Everyday If You Want To Be Massively Successful

To become massively successful, certain actions must be taken.

Here’s four things you must commit to on a daily basis if you truly desire to achieve massive success.


The journey to success is often arduous. It requires a lot of energy for us to get there.

Working out not only keep us physically healthy, it also helps to build up our energy level.

On top of that, it increases our discipline and focus, all which are prerequisites to achieving massive success.


While we spend most of our time on activities that contribute directly to our goals, for example, doing sales and marketing, we shouldn’t neglect the importance of educating ourselves through reading.

Reading increases our knowledge. We gain vital wisdoms when we read books written by other successful people.

Warren Buffett attributes much of his success to reading. He said that reading helps him to “make less impulse decisions than most people in business.” He is known to read 500 pages a day.


The truth is that in order for us to become successful, our hard work must be recognized by others.

Therefore, it is important that we spend a portion of our day reaching out to people.

People who may find our services and products helpful, or people who simply appreciate our contribution.


Lastly, if we truly desire to achieve massive success, we need to invest most of our time and effort on actions that have direct impact on our goals.

If you are a salesman, most of your time should be spent meeting and talking to your customers. And if you are a hoping to become a succsssful bodybuilder, you should be spending most of your time lifting weights in the gym.

If we are truly serious about achieving massive success in our goals and dreams, it is important that we start pouring our heart and soul into them.