The True Leader

Do you have any followers? If you do, you might not even realize it but you are indeed already a leader. Most people don’t see themselves becoming a leader. They simply can’t imagine themselves ever becoming one. Anyone can be a leader but the first thing a potential leader needs to do is to step … Continue reading The True Leader

Modern Day Slavery

In the past, we have slaves being exploited by powerful people all over the world. It’s a really sensitive topic, I get it. So I’m not going to talk about that. Today, we have slaves too. Slaves to their job, to their paycheck, and to others expectation. When you’re not having the freedom to do … Continue reading Modern Day Slavery

Positive Mindset

There’s a saying that if we take everyone’s money and redistribute them equally among everyone on the planet, the money will eventually still return to whoever’s pocket it came from. This saying is true because wealth is all about possessing the right mindset. A person who enjoys spending every dollar he receives will continue to … Continue reading Positive Mindset


Often, people are only willing to invest their efforts if they believe that they will guarantee them success. Therefore, we can say that having self-belief is vital to our success. But how do one attain self-belief? The key is to get started immediately and to keep going and going on a daily basis. When one … Continue reading Self-Belief