The Life Of A Hollywood Star

When we think of Hollywood stars, we immediately think of their huge mansions, multi-million dollars deals, and their glamorous lifestyle. But what we fail to see are the stress and pressure they endure on a daily basis. We don’t see the long hours they spend attending acting and singing classes. We don’t see them putting … Continue reading The Life Of A Hollywood Star

The Problem With Wanting Everything To Be Perfect

Wanting everything to be perfect, isn’t that something good? In theory yes, but in practical, not necessarily. It’s like competing in a marathon. You can’t possibly sprint throughout the race. There are times where you are required to speed up and there are where which you are required to slow down. The key is to … Continue reading The Problem With Wanting Everything To Be Perfect

The Easy Way Out

While growing up, I always hear that people are always unsuccessful because they are always looking for the “easy way out”. It turns out that their failures aren’t actually caused by their preference for the easy ways. After all, who in the right frame of mind would intentionally choose the harder way, when there’s an … Continue reading The Easy Way Out


“Attention is the new currency.” Several decades ago, attention is only reserved for a fortunate few. Those people who were able to gain the attention of the masses were usually men and women of massive wealth and influence. Today, with the help of advanced technology, just a gentle tap on the screen, anyone can blast … Continue reading Attention