Making A Difference

Everybody wants to make a difference. But the difference between unsuccessful people and successful people is in the difference that they want to make. Unsuccessful people want to make a difference in their paycheck. Obviously, a positive difference. On the other hand, successful people want to make a difference in the world. Successful people want … Continue reading Making A Difference

Happiness and Success

Some people don’t want to be successful. They swear that they don’t. They just want to be happy. But what if they can be both successful and happy? Success brings happiness. Happiness, often is just a byproduct of success. Sure, success means making decisions to sacrifice fun. Happiness means sitting on the couch, with a … Continue reading Happiness and Success

No Audience

One of the biggest fears about achieving success is about building a following. Every successful person or business will wonder how they’ll get from 0 to 1, 1 to 100, and 100 to 1 million. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that without a following, it’s difficult to build a massive amount of success. Because success … Continue reading No Audience

Crazy People

Have you watched the film Back to the Future and Click? What’s the similarly between Dr. Emmett Brown and Morty in the respective films? Both have messy hair, wear white coats, and are seemingly crazy. One invents a time machine and the other, a remote control that can fast forward to whichever stage in life … Continue reading Crazy People