Write a Bad Book

Last October, I tweeted, “Writing a bad book is better than writing no book.” I didn’t realize how controversial it would get. Some people like it. Some people don’t. Regardless, I appreciate all comments from those who took time to give. Of course, writing a good book is better than writing a bad book. But … Continue reading Write a Bad Book

If You Want to Succeed, be the Hare

We have all heard of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. It is a story that was told to every kid when they are growing up. The story tells of a race between the tortoise and the hare to see who can reach the finishing line first. Of course, we know how it … Continue reading If You Want to Succeed, be the Hare

Working Past Sleep Time

It’s 2.03am now. I just came back from a jog. Why am I still bothered about blogging especially at this time? You see, my family is sleeping. The night is cooling. I am feeling motivated and committed to my writing. It is not only between 9 to 5 we can work. We can work anytime … Continue reading Working Past Sleep Time

Most People Breathe But Don’t Feel Alive

Don’t we all love to have that perfectly manicured life we see, hear, and read about on the internet and (social) media? We study hard. Not just academically but also spiritually as well. We learn about religions to keep ourselves from going astray. We learn from people who teach about all kinds of skills and … Continue reading Most People Breathe But Don’t Feel Alive

My Blog and My Inspiration

This blog that you are reading right now was started during the start of Covid. It’s actually closing in on its second year and that is something which I am really proud of. Back then, like many others, my employer sent us all back to work from home. With extra time to spare, I decided … Continue reading My Blog and My Inspiration