The 3 Types of Salesman

In every industry, there are 3 types of salesman. The bottom, the average, and the top.

The Bottom

Most salesmen belong in this group. They are here because they are afraid.

They are afraid that their propsects would say no to them. So what they often do is to sell based on price.

They go to their prospects, thinking that there are no reasons for their prospects to reject them because they have the lowest price.

And of course, most of the time, their prospects reject them.

Cheap things seldom need salespeople. They sell by themselves. Things that need salespeople are rarely cheap.

Bottom class salesmen simply do not understand that people do not take out their wallets just because things are cheap.

Sadly, most bottom class salesmen will not survive for long if they do not realize this.

The Average

A good proportion of salesmen belongs to the average group.

The average group of salesmen based their selling on needs, aka needs based selling.

This is the safest route, after price based selling. After all, that’s why society defines as “ethical”. The government approves it, especially in the financial services industry. You can’t sell above what the prospects need, right?

Needs based selling isn’t exactly wrong in the ethical sense but the problem is that if you sell solely based on needs, you should not really call yourself a salesman either.

Rather, you should call yourself a customer service staff. Because you are just processing a transaction.

Needs based selling seldom excite the customers enough for them to pull out their wallets.

The Top

Then, you have the top. These are the masters of sales. The big question is how do they do it?

Top salesmen don’t sell based primarily on price or needs. The top salesmen sell based on helping their prospects realize their dreams.

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Wouldn’t you get excited if someone can help you realize your dreams? Rather than just meet your price and needs?

Selling customers on their dreams can be done through sincerity and honesty. And helping customers achieve their dreams isn’t too different from helping them achieve their needs either.

Here’s an example:

A prospect is looking for a home. He says he only has the budget for a 10th to 15th floor unit.

The bottom salesman will propose a unit on the 10th floor.

The average salesman will propose a unit on the 15th floor.

And the top salesman will take his prospect to the highest unit in the building and take his breath away with the sunset across the horizon.

Great Films

I always enjoy a good flick. Some of my favorites are The Truman Show, American Beauty, Click, Notting hill, the Mission Impossibles, Life, and Interstellar.

Recently, I came across a brilliant film. It’s an 8 episode title called the Naked Director.

The first thing that comes to people’s mind is probably it’s explicit mature content.

But I love how the producers are able to integrate the sex part with it’s deep plot.

I love how the people involve in the film pushes the envelope. Just when I thought they can’t push any further, they surprise me time and time again.

These days, films are filled with CGIs, actions, and cheap tricks to gain reactions. But you hardly can find one that will live in people’s mind for decades.

This makes one, like The Naked Director, something that is worth our appreciation.

1 Year Ago

Time for some reflections. Try recalling where were you one year ago.

Have life improved in any ways? Financially, in our business, health, knowledge, spiritually, relationship, etc.

Or are you somewhat the same today as compared to last year?

If we have expectations of growth for our kids, our investments, our assets, our salary, how can we not have any for ourselves?

Sadly, most people only see growth in these 3 categories – their weight, debt, and age.

But it doesn’t have to always be this way.

Keep Moving to Survive

Success often comes to those who are just there.

Just there doesn’t mean lucky. It means that you have worked hard before everyone and when the time comes to be rewarded, you just happened to be the one who is there.

Like Zoom, in January 2020, before covid-19, their share price was hovering around $75. By October the same year, they have reached $559. The covid-19 has forced many people to work from home. And that has resulted in a major boom for their video conferencing business.

Covid-19 should also be a clear lesson that change is the only constant. Those who fail to innovate fast enough will be, if not already, doomed.

It is unimaginable for any businesses today to not use social media, online store, and other technology tools in their operation.

It is quite evident that those who just rely solely on the traditional brick and mortar model will not be able to survive, especially during this arduous time.

What Is A Good Goal?

A good goal must be big. It must be dream-like. And the reasons are plentiful.

Your goals must be big because big goals will change your life. Small goals won’t. Small goals will keep you deprived, leading you to being confused and disappointed with goal settings.

Big goals must push you to your limits. Philosophically, big goals aren’t necessary to be successfully hit. Why?

(Big) goals are not targetboards but springboards to propel you to greater heights. If you set a small goal and hit it, it is meaningless. If you set a really big goal and you miss it, you still could possibly achieve life-changing results.

Big goals motivate and excite you. They give you good insomnia. We all know bad insomnia. Those kind that keep you awake due to stress and worries.

Good insomnia are those that keep you awake because you can’t wait to get up, get to work, and move closer to achieving your goals and dreams.