What Is A Good Goal?

A good goal must be big. It must be dream-like. And the reasons are plentiful.

Your goals must be big because big goals will change your life. Small goals won’t. Small goals will keep you deprived, leading you to being confused and disappointed with goal settings.

Big goals must push you to your limits. Philosophically, big goals aren’t necessary to be successfully hit. Why?

(Big) goals are not targetboards but springboards to propel you to greater heights. If you set a small goal and hit it, it is meaningless. If you set a really big goal and you miss it, you still could possibly achieve life-changing results.

Big goals motivate and excite you. They give you good insomnia. We all know bad insomnia. Those kind that keep you awake due to stress and worries.

Good insomnia are those that keep you awake because you can’t wait to get up, get to work, and move closer to achieving your goals and dreams.

How to Win

Ever watch a sports final between two teams?

In the end, there is bound to be a winner and loser. The winning team wins and the losing team loses.

The fans of the winning team wins and the fans of the losing team loses.

But who’s the real winner? Obviously, as mentioned, the winning team is the winner. They get the trophy and get to be legends for the rest of their lives.

The losing team, although it may seemed like they have lost, win as well. Because they go home with a sizeable “loser’s” prize. And more importantly, they get another shot to win next season.

And the fans? Are they really winners too?

If you want to win, you must be playing. Don’t settle for a seat in the stand.

“Mind Your Own Business!”

Ever heard of “mind your own business”?

Perhaps, someone has even given you this advice in the past.

But why can’t most people mind their own business?

Answer: Because most people don’t have a business to mind in the first place.

Successful people have their own business to mind. That’s why they often belong to a smaller group.

Average people don’t have many exciting topics to talk about.

Average people are often finding things to stimulate their mind. News, gossips, other people’s lives, etc.

So, instead of talking about others, why not build something so great and valuable that others will talk about?

Start Doing It

Want to become a writer? Start doing it.

Want to become a chef? Start doing it.

Want to become an athlete? Start doing it.

Want to become a painter? Start doing it.

Want to create videos? Start doing it.

Want to teach? Start doing it.

Want to become a programmer? Start doing it.

Want to become an entrepreneur? Start doing it.

Do something today that you will thank yourself for later on in life.


I love stories about adventure and I believe that that has a strong impact on the things I write about.

Isn’t success, or rather the journey to our desired success, simply an adventure.

Success, at the beginning, is just a destination. The path(s) to success is an unknown.

Adventures are often filled with obstacles, challenges, and pitfalls. And those who are able to find the motivation to embark on them anyway are the ones who will reach their destinations.

Choosing to stay at the same spot will keep us alive but at the end of the day, we will not experience anything exceptional.