Always Set Your Alarm Clock

Set your alarm clock even on weekends, even if you don’t need to go to work, even if you don’t need to wake up so early. You see, setting your alarm clock actually means activating your discipline. You don’t just let yourself sleep till noon. That’s simply unacceptable. There’s a Chinese idiom that says, stupid … Continue reading Always Set Your Alarm Clock

Finding Purpose

People always ask how can they become success. And my answer will always be the same: Find Your Purpose. Once you have found your purpose in life, everything else will aligned itself automatically to help you achieve your dreams and desires. You will become hardworking automatically. You will wake up early automatically. You will find … Continue reading Finding Purpose

Successful Mindset

I’m sure you know a few successful names around. Like the successful scientist. The successful marketer. The successful doctor. The successful businessman. The successful real estate mogul. The reason they are successful isn’t because they are a scientist, marketer, businessman, or real estate mogul. The reason they are successful is because they possess a certain … Continue reading Successful Mindset

Positive Mindset

There’s a saying that if we take everyone’s money and redistribute them equally among everyone on the planet, the money will eventually still return to whoever’s pocket it came from. This saying is true because wealth is all about possessing the right mindset. A person who enjoys spending every dollar he receives will continue to … Continue reading Positive Mindset