If you are on a holiday, you most likely wouldn't want to "rest" on weekends. You'd want to maximize the whole period you're there. Visiting famous landmarks. Dining on local cuisines. And just fully immersing yourself in a different culture. We understand that time is limited and resting simply means wasting time which we could … Continue reading Weekends

Ants and Bees

Ants and Bees are great examples of creatures who are exceptionally clear about their purpose in life. And what great teachers they can be to us. They are never lost. They never stop. Everytime we see them, they are working. And not just working for working's sake. But giving their all to serve the greater … Continue reading Ants and Bees


Sometimes, success is simply a judge. It just need proofs to judge if you are worthy of it. Obviously, the next question is what are the requirements needed? The requirements to prove yourself a worthy person to receive success are your hard work, dedication, perserverance, and how much you truly wants it. And above all, … Continue reading Worthy


I'm sure you've heard about it a lot that successful people can work on their goals till 2am. Does it sound like a chore to you? The fact is that it never felt like a chore to any of those successful people. Why? The reason is simple. They are not only working towards becoming successful, … Continue reading 2am