The Truman Show Came True

The Truman Show is one of the most ahead-of-time films ever produced. Truman Burbank is an everyday guy who’s daily activities are clandestinely filmed and broadcasted live to everyone around the world to watch. Come to think about it, that’s rather depressing, isn’t it? The Truman Show is also one of my favorites. I am … Continue reading The Truman Show Came True

Are You Human?

Are you human? Or are you a zombie? What’s the difference? Humans have aspirations and dreams. They live their lives meaningfully and purposefully. On the other hand, zombies have a life, but no living in them. They exist without knowing what they want in future. They just roam around the neighborhood, waiting for something, or … Continue reading Are You Human?

Be Busy

Ever heard people saying that we shouldn’t be busy, but rather, be productive? Don’t be busy, but rather, have priorities? Busy, productive, priorities, they are all the same. You will need to keep yourself working on whatever that will bring you success. What you shouldn’t have is slots of emptiness. Spending all your “free time” … Continue reading Be Busy


If you are on a holiday, you most likely wouldn’t want to “rest” on weekends. You’d want to maximize the whole period you’re there. Visiting famous landmarks. Dining on local cuisines. And just fully immersing yourself in a different culture. We understand that time is limited and resting simply means wasting time which we could … Continue reading Weekends