You’re Going To Succeed

Perhaps you’re currently stuck in mediocrity. It doesn’t matter, because you are going to succeed. But it will only happen if you have a burning desire to become successful. Success is a destination. Some say it’s not. But it really is. How can it not be? It is simply a place we haven’t reach yet. … Continue reading You’re Going To Succeed

Intense Desire

One of the reasons why most people don’t achieve their desires is that their desires lack intensity. Everybody wants success. For example, everyone wants to become rich. But their desire simply ends there. If you ask them what if they fail at becoming rich, they will be unable to give you an answer. If they … Continue reading Intense Desire


Ever seen animals in the zoo? Yes, they have synthetically decorated enclosures that resembles their natural habitat. Yes, they will never ever have to worry about going hungry. But what’s the point? Most of these animals are at the brink of depression. They are literally dying of boredom. Sadly, none of them will ever truly … Continue reading Zoo