Everyone Has No Time

Everyone has no time.

Successful people have no time for negativity, gossips, TV, and countless hours scrolling through other people’s social media accounts.

Unsuccessful people have no time to keep fit, read, working on their priorities and building their dreams.

But successful people have time for what the unsuccessful people don’t have time for. And unsuccessful people have time for what the successful people don’t have time for.

It’s a choice. It’s the law of cause and effect. What you give is what you get. You will reap what you sow.

So, what do you have no time for?


Feeling hunger is a natural sensation.

We all know how it feels like when we missed a couple of meals. Our tummy growls like a scowling lion. Which signals to us that it’s time to drive to the nearest fast food restaurant to grab a burger.

But most of us never experienced the other kind of hunger.

The hunger for success.

We don’t experience it because we are always fed just enough so that we don’t feel any motivation to become massively successful. Just like a zoo animal.

The saddest part about life is to not live it. Most people are only operating at 20% of their full capabilities.

The true meaning to life is to attain long-term happiness, constantly pushing ourselves to our limits, live in alignment with our true purpose, and to improve the lives of the people around us.

Do Faster

Successful people do things faster. Not just because by doing things faster, you can complete them faster.

But more importantly, when you do things faster you can accomplish more within the same period of time.

An average person may spend 1 day doing 8 things but for a successful person, because he place emphasis on speed, he can accomplish 16.

Multiply that difference by months, years, and decades, and that’s the reason why successful people become massively successful while average people remain not.

Young Men’s Mistake

What happens when young men start to earn a little money?

They spend all of them on nice clothes, nice accessories, nice cars (with maximum loans), nice gadgets (playstations and iPhones), nice dinners, nice drinks, nice parties, nice vacations, etc.

And what happens next? They are still broke. All the nice things are just facades. They are just phonies.

Trying to impress their friends. Trying to impress girls. And the truth is that their pockets are empty.

That’s pretty pathetic.

Unless you’re brought up in a privileged family, most young men start off the same.

And what’s the most impressive is not what you have on the outside, but on the inside.

And it’s not just how much money you have, but rather, how much you’ve accumulated. Because wealth accumulation is an indication of how reliable and mature a man is. That’s the really impressive stuff.

How much money you’re able to accumulate is also a good indicator of how savvy you are.

At a young age, where most young people fritter away their (or even their parents’) hard-earned money, you have the aptitude to do otherwise.

Perception of Time

It’s important to understand perception during our journey to our success destination.

For example, a journey from point A to point B may last 6 hours, which can be perceived by most to be quite long.

But we can also perceive it to be short. How? Do you realize that when you’re stuck in the office, doing meaningless tasks, how slow the clock can creep? Or waiting for a few months for your vacation to come? Or just recalling how long the wait for the weekend feels like in the earlier part of the week.

We can fast forward the waiting time by doing fun and meaningful things. Fun, like playing video games. In a glimpse of an eye, 3 hours have zoomed by. Or a coffee session with our mates. Even a 2 weeks long vacation for most felt like a couple of days.

We can also make time feel like they are flying by by engaging ourselves in the tasks that we are doing. In short, be busy. Notice how fast the hours past when we are busy? But better than just being busy, find purpose and productivity in those busy moments.

When we find enjoyable and meaningful activities, time really past by faster, at least in our perceptions. Which is often underappreciated.

Successful people cherish time. Because every minute to them is an asset the can use to invest and change other people’s lives for the better. On the other hand, average people live their lives hoping that time fly past quickly. Think about it.

You start to not feel that your life is a drag when you start appreciating your time in this world.