Haters Don’t Succeed

Buddha once said, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” This applies to hate as well. Hating requires an enormous amount of energy. People who constantly engage in hating will usually end up not having any left to pursue their goals and dreams Famous entrepreneur, best-selling author, and … Continue reading Haters Don’t Succeed

The Easy Way Out

While growing up, I always hear that people are always unsuccessful because they are always looking for the “easy way out”. It turns out that their failures aren’t actually caused by their preference for the easy ways. After all, who in the right frame of mind would intentionally choose the harder way, when there’s an … Continue reading The Easy Way Out

3 Prices Of Success

Success comes at a price. That’s why not many people can become successful. Here’s 3 prices that you may have to pay if you truly wish to become successful. Criticisms If you desire to become successful, you must come to terms that criticisms are going to be inevitable. The good thing is that the more … Continue reading 3 Prices Of Success

Successful People Don’t Hate Trump

Successful people don’t hate Trump. Neither do they hate Biden, nor Obama, nor Bush. You see, people who have found, or are currently on their path to massive success, are people who are strongly focused on the own goals and dreams. They simply don’t have the capacity to engage in hating. Do successful people care … Continue reading Successful People Don’t Hate Trump

Why Is 99% Of The People Average and Unsuccessful

The reason why so many people are stuck in mediocrity is simply because of their mindset. Successful people adopt a successful mindset while average people adopt an average mindset. Successful Mindset Successful people have big dreams and aspirations. They set big, clear goals. They are truthful to themselves by committing big, clear actions. They are … Continue reading Why Is 99% Of The People Average and Unsuccessful