Kept Afloat

Most people are not at the surface, nor at the bottom. But kept afloat in the middle.

And being in the middle is the worst place to be in. Even worse than being at the bottom.

When you’re above the surface, you’re thriving. And even when you’re at the bottom, you will have all the reasons and motivation to kick and thrust yourself to the top.

But when you’re just floating in the middle, you’re stuck. You don’t have any reasons to give your 200% to get yourself to the top. You are satisfied. You are comfortable. But you are not fulfilled and you don’t feel like life is meaningful.

And you’ll one day realize that you haven’t been living in alignment to your true purpose. And that will begin to haunt you and put you in a bad place.

Are you one of those who’s just floating in the middle? If yes, stop settling for mediocrity. Life is better when it’s lived to the maximum. Your maximum.


If you are on a holiday, you most likely wouldn’t want to “rest” on weekends.

You’d want to maximize the whole period you’re there. Visiting famous landmarks. Dining on local cuisines. And just fully immersing yourself in a different culture.

We understand that time is limited and resting simply means wasting time which we could be utilizing on another experience.

But look at your life. Why is weekend so looked forward? Could it be a sign? A sign that your weekdays are mundane, meaningless, or filled with stress?

If you’re living your life meaningfully, weekends and weekdays shouldn’t be that much of a difference. Really.

A meaningful life sees everyday as an equally meaningful day that we can contribute to not just our own fulfilment, but also to improving the lives of others.

If you’re reading this and realizing that your life has all the while been an endless loop of anticipating for the weekends, then you really need to reassess your purpose in life.

Everyday, should be lived like we’re on holidays.

Ants and Bees

Ants and Bees are great examples of creatures who are exceptionally clear about their purpose in life.

And what great teachers they can be to us.

They are never lost. They never stop. Everytime we see them, they are working. And not just working for working’s sake. But giving their all to serve the greater cause.

Be it scavenging for food, collecting honey, guarding their nests, building tunnels and hives, they give their all.

What about you? Are you giving your all? if you are, you deserve my applause. Sadly, most people only operate at only twenty percent of their full capabilities.

A life worth meaning is to serve the greater cause. Changing people’s lives for the better. That is why so many successful people don’t retire even in their silver years. Because they know that if they do, they start to degenerate and become misaligned with their life purpose.

The next time you see an ant running across your table, or a bee buzzing in the garden, take some time to be inspired by them and think of how you can live your life more in alignment with your truest purpose.

A Day In A Life

Most people wake up at 6, wash up, have their breakfast, and leave for office.

They then spend the next 10 hours on the road and at work.

When they reach home, they are usually too exhausted to do anything. So they consume their dinner and spend most of their evenings scrolling through social media, catching their favourite shows on Netflix, or indulge in their mobile games, till bedtime. And the day just repeats itself again and again. Sounds familiar?

Just like most people, successful people also have to spend 10 hours at their jobs or schools before they ever achieved the success they are having.

The key difference is how they spend their evenings. Just as exhausted, they are able to find the motivation, needed to help them grind through the nights.

Online business, blog, videos, programming, writing books, designing, marketing, attending classes, photography, practicing, etc.

So the next time you pick up your Netflix remote control, ask yourself are you spending your time the best possible way?

3 Common Problems That Are Stopping People From Success

One of my biggest joy in life is to listen to people telling me about their lives.

And from my conversations, I have discovered three very common problems that are stopping these people from becoming successful.


I must say that this surprised me.

After all, when we talk about success traits, we talk about being hardworking, having patience, and having perserverance.

Most people who get agitated easily expend an enormous amount of emotions. This result in a heavy loss of focus and energy, which affected their output detrimentally.

Successful people tend to have good control of their emotions.

Because they are able to see the bigger picture and they realize that by not letting their emotions run loose, they can reach their goals smoother and faster.


Most people don’t think about their purpose because either they don’t know how to or they don’t think that it’s important to.

Here’s 3 questions to ask yourself:

1. When you’re in your younger days, what is one thing that you have always wanted to do but did not due to fear or discouragements?

2. Look at your future self. What is the one thing that you will regret not doing when you’re younger?

3. What is the one thing that you are willing to do, even if it’s for free?

Our purpose are usually pretty selfless. They often serve the greater good rather than just for ourselves.

Even if you don’t find your purpose immediately, it’s okay. It usually takes a while to find it.


Many people are stuck in inaction because they are waiting for the perfect time.

When they have the perfect skills. When they have the perfect shape. When they are in the perfect situation. When they have more resources. When they have everything perfect, then they’ll start.

Of course, most people who wait for the perfect moment to arrive will never start, since there’s no such thing as a perfect time. So, start now.