Always Set Your Alarm Clock

Set your alarm clock even on weekends, even if you don’t need to go to work, even if you don’t need to wake up so early. You see, setting your alarm clock actually means activating your discipline. You don’t just let yourself sleep till noon. That’s simply unacceptable. There’s a Chinese idiom that says, stupid … Continue reading Always Set Your Alarm Clock


If you are on a holiday, you most likely wouldn’t want to “rest” on weekends. You’d want to maximize the whole period you’re there. Visiting famous landmarks. Dining on local cuisines. And just fully immersing yourself in a different culture. We understand that time is limited and resting simply means wasting time which we could … Continue reading Weekends

A Day In A Life

Most people wake up at 6, wash up, have their breakfast, and leave for office. They then spend the next 10 hours on the road and at work. When they reach home, they are usually too exhausted to do anything. So they consume their dinner and spend most of their evenings scrolling through social media, … Continue reading A Day In A Life