High Risk High Return

The logic of HRHR is obvious. But is it? When people hear the term, they either feel adventurous or adverse to risk. But we often tend to overlook risk itself. Should it be generalized? I think it is important to disect risk into two types. Calculated risk and stupid risk. Calculated risk is an investment. … Continue reading High Risk High Return

Who Are You Rooting For?

All our lives, we have been rooting for others. Think about it, year after year, we root for our favorite sports team to win championships. We root for our favorite boybands. We root for our favorite superheroes to defeat the villains in Marvel films. and on course, we also root fervently for our preferred presidential … Continue reading Who Are You Rooting For?

Why Do People Not Chase Their Dreams

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that you are encountering some sort of internal struggles in regards to chasing your dreams. Like everyone, we have big dreams. But when it comes to actually “going for it”, we get cold feet. Why is this so? Brainwashed For too long, we are brainwashed to think … Continue reading Why Do People Not Chase Their Dreams

Start! Start! Start!

“Rich people acquire assets. Poor people acquire liabilities.” – Robert Kiyosaki. It’s really that simple. But why are there so many people who still don’t get it? Why are so many people still “buying things that they don’t need to with money that they don’t have to impress people who they don’t like”? It’s astonishing … Continue reading Start! Start! Start!