High Risk High Return

The logic of HRHR is obvious. But is it?

When people hear the term, they either feel adventurous or adverse to risk.

But we often tend to overlook risk itself. Should it be generalized?

I think it is important to disect risk into two types. Calculated risk and stupid risk.

Calculated risk is an investment. Stupid risk is a speculation. Calculated risk is the lesser risk among the two, even though it may still be regarded as high risk when compared to low risk.

So, the next time you come across HRHR, think deeper. What kind of high risk are we talking about.

Don’t Buy A Savings Plan

What’s a savings plan? There are so many variations that it is hard to give a definitive description to it.

Generally, a savings plan is a policy that can last about fifteen to twenty-five years. You put a sum of money, in the form of savings, into it every month or year. If you buy it from an insurance company, you might have some insurance component embedded into it. That’s what more or less a savings plan is.

But why am I adverse to savings plans? Perhaps I should clarify that I am not totally against, but I don’t really encourage it as well. Ultimately, the reasons to buy one are aplenty and it’s difficult to debate every of it. My sentiments are based on my perspective towards savings plans in general.

Firstly, I am against small returns. Small returns, to me, are as good as no returns. Assuming you have a sum of money, let’s say a thousand or even ten thousand, what’s the point of putting it in a instrument to subject (yes, I use that word) yourself to an annual return of 1-3 percent? Different countries and different companies will offer different percentage but they usually do not go much higher. What can those small returns do for you?

The money that we have accumulated are very valuable to us. Not because we can spend them away or sit on them, but because they can make us rich. The return we should be looking to gain from them should be in multiple folds! Not those puny returns?

Don’t let those phrases, “almost guaranteed,” “close to guaranteed,” or even “guaranteed” fool you. Guaranteed returns can protect you, but they will also keep you average and deprived.

Another reason you should not buy saving plans is because usually if you want to stop paying, be it due to choice or circumstances, you virtually can’t. If you suddenly find youself in an emergency, cashing out your returns could result in a huge lost. Meaning, you might have saved $20,000, you may be only able to surrender your policy and take back an amount in the range of “a couple of thousands”.

It doesn’t make sense that a significant portion of your first year savings could go into “other people’s pocket”. I have nothing against operation costs and commissions, but only if they are done so ethically and honestly, which I find many financial firms lacking of.

My conclusion is this: if you want to save, save. If you want to invest, invest. Buying a saving plan could tie you up for the next 2 to 3 decades. Think about what are the advantages and disadvantages clearly. Ask questions. Ask why should you buy it and why you shouldn’t as well. Take some time to make the decision. Don’t be pressured to do so. Be clear about your objectives because by choosing to be ignorant will always result in becoming the biggest loser.

What are your thoughts on saving plans? I would love to hear from you.

3 Daily Activities For Success

If you have a burning desire to become successful, here’s 3 activities that you must do daily.


If you desire to become successful, you will need to spend a significant part of your day on production.

Obviously, if you are an aspiring YouTuber, you will need to spend some time to work on and produce your video content.

And if you are an aspiring blogger, then you will need to spend some time thinking and writing engaging posts for your readers.

What business are you in? What do you need to produce to gain the attention of your audience?


The stark reality is that if nobody knows about the things we create, we cannot become successful.

To become successful, our creation must bring immense value to enough people. And usually, enough people means quite a lot.

Everyday, we should be reaching out to our prospective audience. In the social media era, we have a plethora of tools that can help us achieve this particular objective.


Reading serves many purpose.

It not only help us increase our knowledge and wisdom, it is also an adventure, a form of meditation, focus training, and a commitment.

Reading also boosts our imagination and creativity, both which are powerful attributes to help us succeed.

Most successful people always put aside some time everyday to read because they have long understood, and benefited, from it.

What other activities that you think are compulsory in helping us to achieve massive success? Share.

Investing May Not Make You Rich, But Not Investing Will Keep You Poor

Most people who earns a regular income don’t invest. Why?

There are a few reasons as to why they don’t. Most people possess little knowledge about investing. After all, investing is not a subject that is taught in school.

Others will say that they don’t have money to invest. It’s not difficult to see why. Average people will always spend first and save and invest whatever is left. Most of the time, there will be none left at the end of the month.

On the other hand, rich people always put aside a portion of their money for investment first, then spend the rest. If you haven’t realized, it is all about prioritizing. Let’s look at some reason why must we invest.

Value of Money

The value of your money in your saving account is decreasing as we speak.

The inflation rate fluctuates around two to three percent every year. If you are not investing your money, you are actually losing money.

Also, unlike precious metal and land, money can be printed. This means that the supply of money can be increased. And when the supply goes up, the value of your money goes down.

In case you’re wondering if money printing is a common practice, the government does this almost everytime there’s a big recession.

Little Workers

If you don’t invest, you don’t have “little workers” working to help bring you back more money.

Robert Kiyosaki always emphasize, “Rich people acquire assets. Poor people acquire liabilities.” Assets put money into your pocket and liabilities take money out of your pocket.

Poor people work for money. Rich people let their money work for them. Are you working for money or is your money working for you?


Most important, investing helps us to perceive money in a different light.

Poor people see money as a tool that is only meant for saving and spending. On the other hand, rich people see money as valuable resources that can be used to increase their wealth.

Investing teaches us lessons such as delayed gratification, patience, decision making, and managing risks. All which are prerequisites of wealth accumulation.

Not investing and not realizing the importance is truly the best way to get stuck in the poor and middle class.

4 Things You Must Do Everyday If You Want To Be Massively Successful

To become massively successful, certain actions must be taken.

Here’s four things you must commit to on a daily basis if you truly desire to achieve massive success.


The journey to success is often arduous. It requires a lot of energy for us to get there.

Working out not only keep us physically healthy, it also helps to build up our energy level.

On top of that, it increases our discipline and focus, all which are prerequisites to achieving massive success.


While we spend most of our time on activities that contribute directly to our goals, for example, doing sales and marketing, we shouldn’t neglect the importance of educating ourselves through reading.

Reading increases our knowledge. We gain vital wisdoms when we read books written by other successful people.

Warren Buffett attributes much of his success to reading. He said that reading helps him to “make less impulse decisions than most people in business.” He is known to read 500 pages a day.


The truth is that in order for us to become successful, our hard work must be recognized by others.

Therefore, it is important that we spend a portion of our day reaching out to people.

People who may find our services and products helpful, or people who simply appreciate our contribution.


Lastly, if we truly desire to achieve massive success, we need to invest most of our time and effort on actions that have direct impact on our goals.

If you are a salesman, most of your time should be spent meeting and talking to your customers. And if you are a hoping to become a succsssful bodybuilder, you should be spending most of your time lifting weights in the gym.

If we are truly serious about achieving massive success in our goals and dreams, it is important that we start pouring our heart and soul into them.