Schools and Meaning

We can all agree that, despite all the complaints we have, schools are an essential part of us.

But there’s something big that’s missing in school. What’s it?


Without motivation, kids will not know why they need to go to school. Without motivation, they will not understand their purpose in life.

Too little have been done to help our kids understand themselves in a deeper sense.

Kids are not robot. They have a need to understand the deeper meaning of life and it is our role to help them find it.


Often, we think that we are the center of the universe. We think that the whole world is observing our every move.

But it’s not true. We tend to think too highly of ourselves. Others have their own egos to stroke and problems to deal with.

The truth is that we are simply empty vessels. We can choose to remain empty or to bring goodness through our work to the world.

Don’t over-concern yourself with petty worries and stopping yourself from achieving your big goals and success in life.

Minimalism and Success

Recently, I saw a post that caught my attention.

Why Minimalist Living Will Never Make You Rich

You see, I once identified myself as a minimalist. Before that, my life was in a mess. Adopting minimalism helped me to clean up my life and yes, I became happier.

Being a minimalist helped me to understand myself better. It made me realized what I truly wanted. And the ironic thing is the things I want cannot be achieved by remaining a minimalist forever.

But there’s successful minimalists out there, you may say. Definitely. But I believe successful minimalists are successful because they primarily possess a successful mindset first, before a minimalist one.

If you think minimalism is a magic pill that can bring you all the happiness in the world, I urge you to think again.

Willpower Activities

People who have weak willpower seldom succeed. They too easily give in to their temptations and distractions. They also give up too easily when they encounter challenges.

On the other hand, people who have strong willpower tend to become successful in life. After all, they are able to overcome difficulties and work towards their ultimate goals.

There are a few activities that we can engage in to increase our willpower. The first is to do breathing meditation. The enigma about breathing meditation is that it is the simplest, yet difficult activity to do.

To meditate, first find a comfortable place, sit down, close your eyes, and start breathing in and out normally. The objective is to then focus your attention on your breathing, and nothing else. Try for a couple of minutes. Then, as you are more comfortable with it, increase the length of the session.

The second activity we can do is to wake up early. I wake up at five every morning to go for a jog around my neighborhood. But I realize that the part that I trained the most is not my body, but my mind. Finding the motivation to exercise is one thing. Waking up before everyone else is another.

The third activity that I reccomend is to cultivate a habit of setting goals and working towards them.

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are often intentional about their goals but unsuccessful people are usually not.

The 3 Types of Salesman

In every industry, there are 3 types of salesman. The bottom, the average, and the top.

The Bottom

Most salesmen belong in this group. They are here because they are afraid.

They are afraid that their propsects would say no to them. So what they often do is to sell based on price.

They go to their prospects, thinking that there are no reasons for their prospects to reject them because they have the lowest price.

And of course, most of the time, their prospects reject them.

Cheap things seldom need salespeople. They sell by themselves. Things that need salespeople are rarely cheap.

Bottom class salesmen simply do not understand that people do not take out their wallets just because things are cheap.

Sadly, most bottom class salesmen will not survive for long if they do not realize this.

The Average

A good proportion of salesmen belongs to the average group.

The average group of salesmen based their selling on needs, aka needs based selling.

This is the safest route, after price based selling. After all, that’s why society defines as “ethical”. The government approves it, especially in the financial services industry. You can’t sell above what the prospects need, right?

Needs based selling isn’t exactly wrong in the ethical sense but the problem is that if you sell solely based on needs, you should not really call yourself a salesman either.

Rather, you should call yourself a customer service staff. Because you are just processing a transaction.

Needs based selling seldom excite the customers enough for them to pull out their wallets.

The Top

Then, you have the top. These are the masters of sales. The big question is how do they do it?

Top salesmen don’t sell based primarily on price or needs. The top salesmen sell based on helping their prospects realize their dreams.

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Wouldn’t you get excited if someone can help you realize your dreams? Rather than just meet your price and needs?

Selling customers on their dreams can be done through sincerity and honesty. And helping customers achieve their dreams isn’t too different from helping them achieve their needs either.

Here’s an example:

A prospect is looking for a home. He says he only has the budget for a 10th to 15th floor unit.

The bottom salesman will propose a unit on the 10th floor.

The average salesman will propose a unit on the 15th floor.

And the top salesman will take his prospect to the highest unit in the building and take his breath away with the sunset across the horizon.