Modern Day Slavery

In the past, we have slaves being exploited by powerful people all over the world. It’s a really sensitive topic, I get it. So I’m not going to talk about that.

Today, we have slaves too. Slaves to their job, to their paycheck, and to others expectation.

When you’re not having the freedom to do something that you’re destined to do, and that you’re passionate about, then ask yourself, what’s so different about you as compared to a slave?

Even if you’re paid handsomely, you could still be just a high paying slave. Because anytime, someone could take it away from you and you could fall immediately into extreme destitute and despair.

If this resonates with you, in one way or another, then you will need to wake up. You need to find a way out of your situation. You need to revolt against your circumstances.

Is your high lifestyle keeping you a slave? Is your debt keeping you a slave? Are the opinion of others keeping you a slave? If you’re upset about your situation, then change. Change takes time but you will definitely need to start somewhere. And if you need to start somewhere, why not start now?

What’s holding you back? The answer? Go and look into the mirror now and I assure you that you’ll see the answer looking right back at you.

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Work Anywhere

Average people are only productive during work hours, and only in their office. To them, their contribution is based on their office hours.

Successful people work when and where they like. As long as they have their laptop or their smartphone with them, they can create value.

This is freedom.

Successful work for freedom. Average people work for a paycheck. Successful people work to changing people’s lives. Average people work for themselves.

The older successful people becomes, the more valuable they are. Because the value they create are retained and what they give to the world are acknowledged.

The older average people becomes the more disposable they are. Because they become more expensive for their employers to retain. They cry when the day they are told that they can’t be afforded comes. And are replaced by younger, cheaper, and speedier alternatives.

Start working on your success. Start building towards the day where you can choose to work anywhere you wish.

What Do You Really Want?

Most people would want happiness, money, fame, and freedom, in abundance.

But what are most people doing? Working in a job they find no meaning in except for providing a paycheck that they can use to pay for their security and leisure.

If you want to go to destination A, you will need to take Highway A. But if you take Highway B, obviously you aren’t going to reach Destination A!

Stop everything you’re doing right now and assess your life, your present, and your priorities.

Perhaps you have a job to pay for your responsibilities now, just like everyone else. But that’s fine. Start using your off work hours to start doing what’s meaningful to you, and what makes you happy, and what will eventually give you the freedom that you desire.

And start now, because you have wasted too much time and you simply can’t afford to waste anymore.


Investing is widely regarded as something that is beneficial, especially if we are seeking to grow our finance.

But if everyone is hoping to become wealthier, why isn’t everyone investing?

Some people don’t invest because they can’t afford to. After allocating most of their monthly income to other commitments, they simply don’t have enough money to put into investing.

Then, there are others that don’t invest because they perceive investing as a high risk endeavor, only suitable for those who have the time to stare at stock charts all day long. This is simply not true.

Beside money, investing definitely also requires adequate knowledge. These knowledge can easily attained from resources such as books, videos, and investment websites. You definitely don’t need to be a Warren Buffett or Ray Dalio to start investing.

On top of that, investing would also require some experience and one way to achieve that would be to start small.

Someone who wishes to take advantage of investing can start off by just investing a small amount of money into it. And the earlier one starts to invest, the better. Only when they have gained more confidence, then they can decide if they would like to increase their investment funds.

Investing used to be a rich man’s game. But not anymore. Today, people from all walks of life are investing from the convenience of their smartphones.

You can simply open an account with one of the many available brokerage firms and start investing your money right away.

Unfortunately, for every ethical broker out there, there is one that is self serving and want you only to help them fulfill their own commission and sales target.

It is only my responsibility to remind you to always be cautious about greedy brokers, complicated investing fees structure, and undesirable length of minimum period of duration. Too complex? Just remember that if something is too long, too expensive, and too complicated, just walk away. Missing out on a great investment is always better than getting stuck in a rotten one.

Always ensure that your broker is reputable and also that you are comfortable with whoever’s helping you.

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Don’t Give A Sh*t

Too many people remain average and unsuccessful simply because they are constantly afraid of how others judge them. In short, they gave too much sh*t.

In order to become the greatest version of yourself, you need to not give a sh*t about how others judge you. This is because their opinion simply doesn’t matter.

It is only when you stop giving a sh*t about them, and start doing whatever is aligned to your own identity and beliefs, that you will be skyrocketed to brand new heights.

It is only then you speak with massive confidence. It is only then you will speak with strong conviction. And it is only then you will begin attracting good people who will find inspiration in your voice.