Money Can’t Buy

We can buy a lot of things with money. Security, good food, holidays, fancy bungalows and cars, and sometimes, even people.

But there’s one thing that money can’t buy. And that is Fulfilment.

Money can fulfill most of our external needs. But if one doesn’t attain internal fulfilment, they will always feel that deep sense of emptiness.

That is why so many rich and successful politicians, superstars, and even businessmen and women became sad and depressed even after they have attained massive wealth. Some of them even lost their lives. Sadly, they just weren’t able to fill the void that was eating them up from the inside.

The key to attaining massive fulfilment is to understand yourself. You should be clear about your values and purposes, and align your actions with them.

Practice self-love, gratitude and contentment.

Beside your daily grinds toward your desired fortune, put aside some time to improve your relationships with others and with yourself.

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The Waiting Game

We spend all our lives perfecting the waiting game.

We wait for our bosses to give us our promotions. We wait for the exotic vacation that we have planned for to arrive in six months time. We wait for our economy to recover. We wait for our customers to come patronize our services. We wait for the next Marvel movie to be released. We wait and we wait..

And that’s the problem. We are simply waiting too much. We have grown accustomed to waiting for things to happen to us.

Successful people, on the other hand, have long realized that for good things to happen to them, they can’t keep waiting forever.

Success comes to the proactive few. They know that in order for them to succeed, they need to take actions. They need to commit themselves to take the leap.

Successful people pursue success like how a hungry lioness pursue a sprinting gazelle. A lioness who waits for it’s prey to walk into it’s den will only face starvation.

The only way to seek success is to simply seek it with strong intentions. Unless you realize this, your desired success will only continue to evade your grasp.

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Most people don’t take actions until they are sure that their ideas and suggestions will certainly work.

Unfortunately, things don’t actually work that way. Our goals will only prove a success if we are willing to take the steps needed to get there.

We can increase the probability of making it a success but we can never be a hundred percent sure it will be.

Our success is in the future, which is a place where we have never gone before.

If we have waited for 100% certainty, we would still be waiting for our first moon landing.

So, dare to dream. Dare to set big goals. Then, just go after them with all your might and verocity.

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3 Prices Of Success

Success comes at a price. That’s why not many people can become successful.

Here’s 3 prices that you may have to pay if you truly wish to become successful.


If you desire to become successful, you must come to terms that criticisms are going to be inevitable.

The good thing is that the more successful you are, the more criticisms you are going to get. And the point is to focus on the success you will receive rather than the criticisms.

Never allow haters to derail you. Always remember to stay focused on your own plans and intentions.


Both successful people and unsuccessful people have an equal amount of 24 hours a day.

The difference between both of them is how they make use of their time.

Successful people tend to be very intentional about how they use their time. They often spend a significant amount of their time on activities that move them closer to their goals.

They understand that in order to become successful, they may not be able to spend time like most of the other people.

They may also have to say no to activities such as accepting party invitations and watching Netflix.


Often, successful people face challenges in their relationships with their loved ones.

As you spend time building your dreams, it is unavoidable that you will have to you to spend lesser time with your loved ones than you wish you could.

Therefore, it is important to seek their understanding. Explain to them why your success is important to you and what your success can bring to the family. Let them be a part of your success.

One way to manage this is whenever you do actually spend time with your loved ones, ensure that the time spent is of massive quality and substance.

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Attention is the new currency.”

Several decades ago, attention is only reserved for a fortunate few. Those people who were able to gain the attention of the masses were usually men and women of massive wealth and influence.

Today, with the help of advanced technology, just a gentle tap on the screen, anyone can blast his or her content out into the world.

Even though people have more powerful social network tools today than ever before, the competition for attention has also increased significantly.

In order for us to not only survive, but thrive in this massive battle royale, it is important for us to continue to generate content of high quality. They must be strong enough to attract the attention of others.

Having a strong content by itself is insufficient. You will also need to constantly be working on your outreach. A brilliant product serves no purpose if no one sees it.

Another key to winning the attention game is, Perserverance. We all start out at the bottom. The climb from the bottom to top simply takes time. Unfortunately, most people give up as soon as they don’t see the results that they have expected.

Only those who grit their teeth and brave on will be rewarded with true success.