Schools and Meaning

We can all agree that, despite all the complaints we have, schools are an essential part of us. But there’s something big that’s missing in school. What’s it? Motivation. Without motivation, kids will not know why they need to go to school. Without motivation, they will not understand their purpose in life. Too little have … Continue reading Schools and Meaning


Do you find yourself criticizing others all the time? If the answer is yes, you will need to start to reflect on yourself. Ask yourself why are you constantly surrounded by so many people with things to criticize about. Desirable people attract other desirable people. Likewise, undesirable people will attract the undesirable ones. This is … Continue reading Criticisms


“Attention is the new currency.” Several decades ago, attention is only reserved for a fortunate few. Those people who were able to gain the attention of the masses were usually men and women of massive wealth and influence. Today, with the help of advanced technology, just a gentle tap on the screen, anyone can blast … Continue reading Attention

Investing May Not Make You Rich, But Not Investing Will Keep You Poor

Most people who earns a regular income don’t invest. Why? There are a few reasons as to why they don’t. Most people possess little knowledge about investing. After all, investing is not a subject that is taught in school. Others will say that they don’t have money to invest. It’s not difficult to see why. … Continue reading Investing May Not Make You Rich, But Not Investing Will Keep You Poor

Why Do People Not Chase Their Dreams

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that you are encountering some sort of internal struggles in regards to chasing your dreams. Like everyone, we have big dreams. But when it comes to actually “going for it”, we get cold feet. Why is this so? Brainwashed For too long, we are brainwashed to think … Continue reading Why Do People Not Chase Their Dreams