Contentment and Gratitude

Contentment and gratitude are two very powerful sentiments human beings can feel.

Contentment is to happy about what we already have. Good health, good relationships, good job, good future, etc.

Gratitude is to be thankful. To appreciate what are given to us when we are not entitled to receive.

Both are intricately intertwined and they are both major contributors to a successful, meaningful, and happy life.

To be contented and grateful means that there are no ‘but’s’, but to just be content and grateful.

To be contented and grateful also doesn’t mean that we will remain status quo, or average. As I’ve mentioned, successful people are contented and grateful.

Average people always think that to be contented and grateful means that they have to settle only with what they currently have.

One the other hand, successful people are always able to clearly separate contentment and gratitude with taking actions to achieve the world changing dreams.

You can be contented and grateful and still be unreasonably driven in your pursuit of massive success in life.


Ideas are meant to be implemented,. If not, what use is it of to have them?

An idea not implemented is like a seed not planted. The people around us will never get to eat the fruits of it, hide under it for shade, or even know what tree will it grow into.

An idea not implemented is the biggest letdown to the people we care about. An idea not implemented is the biggest tragedy, to the idea that God has bestowed upon you, and to you yourself. Think about it, why you? And not someone else who receives this idea?

If you have an idea, implement it. Not implementing it will only result in a huge regret at the end of the day. You wouldn’t want that, do you?

Don’t be afraid of failures. All the greatest scientific discoveries we have today are from multiple experimentations. And experimenting means mistakes and failures aplenty.

Overcome those mistakes and you’ll be rewarded with sunshine after the rain.

Successful People Crazy People

Can you imagine telling people that someday, every home will have a computer? Bill Gates did.

Can you imagine telling everyone that someday, you’ll become the world’s greatest investor? Warren Buffett did.

Can you imagine telling everyone someday, you’ll build a company that sells everything and to every part of the world? Jeff Bezos did.

Can you imagine telling everyone someday, you’ll build electric cars and fly rockets to the moon? Elon Musk did.

Can you imagine what people will think of those people when they first share their agenda to them? Yes, “You’re Crazy!”

Crazy people do crazy things. That’s why they become crazily successful. Don’t allow the opinion of others stop you from your goals and dreams. They are just operating on a different frequency as you. Therefore, they wouldn’t understand why and how you can have such crazy ideas that are plain ridiculous to them.

Have a big goal? Just go ahead and do it. You don’t need the affirmation of other people. If you wait for them, you’ll never get started.

Just let your results speak for you. But it takes time and it’s imperative that you waste no more of it and start working now!

Feeling Directionless

Are you confused and directionless right now? Are you just getting by in life?

Is thriving and becoming successful just a far fetched dream that disappears immediately every morning when you open your eyes?

The reason that you’re feeling this right now is simply because you haven’t found your purpose in life. Everyone has a purpose in life. We are brought into existence to accomplish something, to bring value to this planet and to the people around us.

You need to find your purpose and find it now. This is not a “you should” advice, but a “you must” advice.

Obviously, it’s easier said than done. After all, 99.99% of the people don’t know their purpose. Purpose is not something that drops onto your lap.

Rather it’s something that requires quite an effort to attain, just like an archaeologist digging tirelessly and meticulously, at the excavation site, hoping to find truth buried for thousands of years.

Ask yourself what is the one thing that you will do right now if you don’t have any limitations. If you can answer that, you’re a step closer to uncovering your purpose.

You should also try to recall what are the things that you’ve dream of becoming when you were little. Things that were branded fantasies and unrealistic and should be erased from our imagination.

Even if you can’t think of them yet, don’t be discouraged. It often takes some time.

Just don’t give up. Just keep searching for your purpose because when you do, I assure you that it will be the most amazing feeling you will ever experience.

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3 Predictions For 2026

You know, I initially wanted this to be a list of 5.

But I really find it so difficult to predict the future, even if it’s for just the next 5 years.

So anyway, here’s 3 predictions for 2026.

Helicopter Taxis

In 2026, helicopter taxis flying in the sky will become a common sight.

This will also be implemented for goods delivery.

This will mean that we will be able to move at a faster speed, in a much faster world.

Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are still not very common currently.

But in 2026, 80% of the cars will be driverless.

(And just like this, mankind has just lost another skill.)


Voice-First is already available now.

But in 2026, voice-first technology will be even more sophisticated than what we are having.

Everyone will be using it to search for information, do their shopping, and communicate with their friends.

It will replace the need to type on our screens and on our keyboards.


The ability to figure out what our future is is an extremely important ability which can decide how successful we will become.

The best way to do so is to be keeping ourselves constantly current on the latest updates in technology and lifestyles.

What do you think? What will we have in 2026? Please share.

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