Dreamers Become Successful

No doubt, our desires must consist of some realism else it’ll just be an idealistic fantasy. But at the same time, we must realize that we are human beings and we are meant to dream. Dreams are what differentiate us from other organisms on earth. Unfortunately, most people are discouraged from dreaming as they grow … Continue reading Dreamers Become Successful

Contentment and Gratitude

Contentment and gratitude are two very powerful sentiments human beings can feel. Contentment is to happy about what we already have. Good health, good relationships, good job, good future, etc. Gratitude is to be thankful. To appreciate what are given to us when we are not entitled to receive. Both are intricately intertwined and they … Continue reading Contentment and Gratitude

Successful People Crazy People

Can you imagine telling people that someday, every home will have a computer? Bill Gates did. Can you imagine telling everyone that someday, you’ll become the world’s greatest investor? Warren Buffett did. Can you imagine telling everyone someday, you’ll build a company that sells everything and to every part of the world? Jeff Bezos did. … Continue reading Successful People Crazy People

Feeling Directionless

Are you confused and directionless right now? Are you just getting by in life? Is thriving and becoming successful just a far fetched dream that disappears immediately every morning when you open your eyes? The reason that you’re feeling this right now is simply because you haven’t found your purpose in life. Everyone has a … Continue reading Feeling Directionless