A Day In A Life

Most people wake up at 6, wash up, have their breakfast, and leave for office.

They then spend the next 10 hours on the road and at work.

When they reach home, they are usually too exhausted to do anything. So they consume their dinner and spend most of their evenings scrolling through social media, catching their favourite shows on Netflix, or indulge in their mobile games, till bedtime. And the day just repeats itself again and again. Sounds familiar?

Just like most people, successful people also have to spend 10 hours at their jobs or schools before they ever achieved the success they are having.

The key difference is how they spend their evenings. Just as exhausted, they are able to find the motivation, needed to help them grind through the nights.

Online business, blog, videos, programming, writing books, designing, marketing, attending classes, photography, practicing, etc.

So the next time you pick up your Netflix remote control, ask yourself are you spending your time the best possible way?


Ever seen animals in the zoo?

Yes, they have synthetically decorated enclosures that resembles their natural habitat. Yes, they will never ever have to worry about going hungry. But what’s the point?

Most of these animals are at the brink of depression. They are literally dying of boredom. Sadly, none of them will ever truly get to see their true self.

Think about it. what’s so different between them and us? Most of us are confined to our cubicles, 8 to 5, just to justify our rights to occupy our place in society.

Doing meaningless work just to make sure we don’t get replaced by younger, healthier, and more attractive specimens. Perform tricks that we hate, but still have to abide because that’s what put food on our table.

You can choose to continue to live like a zoo animal. Or you can choose to find your true purpose for your existence and live your life to the fullest.

True, living life to the fullest means that we will meet with plenty of challenges, failures, and disappointments. But don’t let these obstacles hinder you from the things that matter most.

It is through overcoming these adversities that we will truly discover ourselves. So, it’s about time for us to step out of our enclosures, and face whatever the world out there has to throw at us.