Singapore Airlines Cuts 4,300 Staff

Recently, there's a huge news about our national airline, Singapore Airlines (SIA), having to layoff a huge number of employees from their headcount due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. About 2,400 staff in Singapore and overseas will be retrenched, while the remaining 1,900 roles will be accounted for through natural attrition, a recruitment freeze and … Continue reading Singapore Airlines Cuts 4,300 Staff

A Perfect Example of Creativity During This Pandemic

Great ideas are aplenty, but they are hard to come by. Such irony, isn't it? Here's a fantastic example of how a business uses the current Covid-19 situation to boost their brand. A perfect illustration of innovation. A mexico tattooist is giving free "COVID-19 Survivor" tattoos to people who have overcame their Covid-19 ordeal. (Read … Continue reading A Perfect Example of Creativity During This Pandemic