Dreamers Become Successful

No doubt, our desires must consist of some realism else it’ll just be an idealistic fantasy. But at the same time, we must realize that we are human beings and we are meant to dream. Dreams are what differentiate us from other organisms on earth. Unfortunately, most people are discouraged from dreaming as they grow … Continue reading Dreamers Become Successful


Want to succeed? Find a challenge. It’s difficult to challenge ourselves. So, challenge your friends. Challenge your colleagues. Challenge your competition. Human beings are competitive by nature. And challenging others is a great way to bring out that innate competitive spirit in us. Devise a reward and punishment system. It’s fun. It’s effective. A challenge … Continue reading Challenge

Believe is Underrated

Believing is powerful. One who just believes more will have a much higher chance of succeeding. When we believe, we take actions. When we don’t believe, we take half-hearted actions, if we even take them at all. When we believe, we not only take actions, but our actions become more intentional. We contribute a little … Continue reading Believe is Underrated

Showing Up Every Day

Most people don’t show up on weekends. In fact, most people don’t show up at all. Don’t be mistaken. Simply going to work to go through the motion isn’t showing up. Going to work with a strong desire to deliver results is. Showing up shows your commitment. It differentiates you from the rest of the … Continue reading Showing Up Every Day

Bad Habits

Everyone has at least a couple of bad habits. Finger biting, gaming, smoking, drinking, unnecessary spending, junk food, etc. It’s easy to just say stop doing them, but we all know how effective such advices really are. In order for us to kick our undesirable habits, we must acknowledge the underlying causes that’s really causing … Continue reading Bad Habits