Modern Day Slavery

In the past, we have slaves being exploited by powerful people all over the world. It’s a really sensitive topic, I get it. So I’m not going to talk about that. Today, we have slaves too. Slaves to their job, to their paycheck, and to others expectation. When you’re not having the freedom to do … Continue reading Modern Day Slavery

A Day In A Life

Most people wake up at 6, wash up, have their breakfast, and leave for office. They then spend the next 10 hours on the road and at work. When they reach home, they are usually too exhausted to do anything. So they consume their dinner and spend most of their evenings scrolling through social media, … Continue reading A Day In A Life


People will remember Grant Cardone for his 10X rule. People will remember Patrick Bet-David for his Valuetainment channel. People will remember Gary Vaynerchuk for his Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook methodology. People will remember Robert Kiyosaki for introducing us his Rich Dad and his Poor Dad and teaching us about assets and liabilities. People will … Continue reading Remember

What B#1 Means To You

B#1 means that you have your sights set on becoming number one. It’s unbelievable. It’s over the top. It’s crazy. And if it’s crazy, you know that you’re heading towards the right direction. Successful people do crazy things. So don’t stop! If you want to achieve normal things, then be normal. Do the normal stuff. … Continue reading What B#1 Means To You