4 Things You Must Do Everyday If You Want To Be Massively Successful

To become massively successful, certain actions must be taken.

Here’s four things you must commit to on a daily basis if you truly desire to achieve massive success.


The journey to success is often arduous. It requires a lot of energy for us to get there.

Working out not only keep us physically healthy, it also helps to build up our energy level.

On top of that, it increases our discipline and focus, all which are prerequisites to achieving massive success.


While we spend most of our time on activities that contribute directly to our goals, for example, doing sales and marketing, we shouldn’t neglect the importance of educating ourselves through reading.

Reading increases our knowledge. We gain vital wisdoms when we read books written by other successful people.

Warren Buffett attributes much of his success to reading. He said that reading helps him to “make less impulse decisions than most people in business.” He is known to read 500 pages a day.


The truth is that in order for us to become successful, our hard work must be recognized by others.

Therefore, it is important that we spend a portion of our day reaching out to people.

People who may find our services and products helpful, or people who simply appreciate our contribution.


Lastly, if we truly desire to achieve massive success, we need to invest most of our time and effort on actions that have direct impact on our goals.

If you are a salesman, most of your time should be spent meeting and talking to your customers. And if you are a hoping to become a succsssful bodybuilder, you should be spending most of your time lifting weights in the gym.

If we are truly serious about achieving massive success in our goals and dreams, it is important that we start pouring our heart and soul into them.

The 3 Highly Proven Tips To Achieve Massive Success

It takes many, many things for one to become successful.

Here’s 3 of the most highly proven tips to help you achieve massive success.

Give Everything

In order to achieve massive success, we must absolutely give our all.

As much as possible, we must be spending every second and every minute of every day on working towards our goals and dreams.

Setting aside time by itself is insufficient. Solid actions must be invested along with it as well.


If our true desire is to achieve massive success in the shortest amount of time possible, we must focus all our attention onto just one subject of interest.

You see, our time and resources are limited and we just can’t afford to diversify them onto other things.

As Tony Robbins said, “Your life is controlled by what you focus on.”

Be Patient

If you have given your everything and focused hard enough, then the next thing you need to do is to be patient and keep repeating them.

At the same time, you should also be tracking your progress religiously. This will help you to see if you are on the right track.

Don’t seek instant gratification. Success is like planting a tree. It simply takes time.

Why Are You Broke All The Time

Isn’t it funny how money, something as important as oxygen, can be left out of the syllabus of our education system?

No wonder most people struggle with managing their money when they enter the workforce. Dave Ramsey, one of America’s most popular financial personalities, said that 78% of Americans today live paycheck to paycheck.

Since most people can’t properly manage their money, they remain average. The problem is that most people are, for too long, brainwashed to think that the only purpose for money is to buy things.

Most people are simply not programmed to feel the joy of having a fat bank account. It is only when they spend their hard-earned money, will they feel the sense of achievement and satisfaction. Unless we get rid of this mindset, we will forever be stuck in this vicious cycle of consumerism.

Rich people, on the other hand, treat money differently. Their focus for money is not to use them for buying stuff. Surprisingly, most of the rich people are thrifty and very mindful of how their money is spent. Rich people prioritize investing their money. Meaning they are constantly looking for ways for their money to, as Grant Cardone loves to say, “make babies.”

Investing requires financial intelligence, which most people lack of. That’s why most are in debt and living from paycheck to paycheck. To increase our financial intelligence we need to be diligent in educating ourselves with resources through the available means. They can be from educational books, videos, audio programmes, and seminars.

Robert Kiyosaki said that poor people work for money and rich people know how to let their money work for them. Unless you realize this wisdom, you will never truly achieve the wealth that you desire.

Why You Should Not Tell Others About Your Goals

Whenever a brilliant idea pops up in our head, the first thing we think of doing is to share it with others.

Why do we always have the urge to tell others? The reason is because of our innate need to seek affirmation from other people. And that is mostly due to a lack of self esteem.

The problem with telling others about our goals and ideas is we tend to have our enthusiasm destroyed and become discouraged after that.

The people you share your goals with will ask you questions that will feed doubts into your head. “What’s your selling point?”, “What are you so different from your existing competitors?”, “Are you sure it will work?”, “Someone has tried it before and he failed. Maybe you should reconsider?” Are these important questions? Yes. Is it the best time to be asking them? No.

You see, your mates are not you. They don’t have the epiphany that you had. They did not read the books that you have read and they don’t have your creativity, motivation, and conviction to achieve the goals that you have set. The didn’t experience or witness what you had. Both of you are just on different frequencies.

Sharing your goals and dreams to others will will just add unnecessary pressure, attention, and confusion to yourself.

“Many people make the mistake of talking too much about their goals. Too much talking causes their energies to dissipate and their motivation to decline. It weakens their resolve. They lose the force and the power they would have had if they kept their goals to themselves and instead concentrated on purposeful activities.” – Brian Tracy

Why Do People Not Chase Their Dreams

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that you are encountering some sort of internal struggles in regards to chasing your dreams.

Like everyone, we have big dreams. But when it comes to actually “going for it”, we get cold feet.

Why is this so?


For too long, we are brainwashed to think that we must be realistic and dreams are just fantasies that only the foolish pursue.

So, what do we do? Study hard, listen to our parents, get a job so that we don’t starve, and live a safe but relatively mundane life.

The key here is what belief system we are choosing to adopt. If our belief system is that we will be stuck in mediocrity for the rest of our lives, then we will behave in that manner.

However, if we can somehow adopt a more positive belief system, then the probability of achieving our dreams will increase exponentially.

The People Around Us

“You’re the sum average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” – Jim Rohn.

Observe the people you are always spending time with. Are they driven and always motivated to push themselves to achieve their dreams?

Or are they always indulging in gossips and discussing last night’s Game of Thrones?

You have a choice of who, and what, you want to surround yourself with. Just remember, positive begets positive. And negative begets negative.

Weak Justifications

Most people who are not chasing their dreams and fulfilling their potential is because they do not have strong enough reasons to do so.

In order to find the immense fuel power required to launch ourselves towards our dreams, our reasons must be insanely strong.

How strong, exactly? Strong enough to overcome our innate tendency to succumb to our existing comfort, status quo, and stability.