Always Set Your Alarm Clock

Set your alarm clock even on weekends, even if you don’t need to go to work, even if you don’t need to wake up so early. You see, setting your alarm clock actually means activating your discipline. You don’t just let yourself sleep till noon. That’s simply unacceptable. There’s a Chinese idiom that says, stupid … Continue reading Always Set Your Alarm Clock

Showing Up Every Day

Most people don’t show up on weekends. In fact, most people don’t show up at all. Don’t be mistaken. Simply going to work to go through the motion isn’t showing up. Going to work with a strong desire to deliver results is. Showing up shows your commitment. It differentiates you from the rest of the … Continue reading Showing Up Every Day


Who can argue against the virtues of being generous? Give. Give a lot. Give as much as you can. Give even when you’re broke. Give even when you’re in debt! Seriously? Are we going overboard on giving? There is a time to give. But there’s also time we shouldn’t. And one of such time where … Continue reading Generosity

Successful People Serve

Average people see money primarily as something they can use to buy more things. Successful people see money as a proof of their contribution to others. Average people receive money from trading their personal time. Successful people receive money from how much value they give to others. Want to become successful? Think of ways you … Continue reading Successful People Serve


Investing is widely regarded as something that is beneficial, especially if we are seeking to grow our finance. But if everyone is hoping to become wealthier, why isn’t everyone investing? Some people don’t invest because they can’t afford to. After allocating most of their monthly income to other commitments, they simply don’t have enough money … Continue reading Investing