Showing Up Every Day

Most people don’t show up on weekends. In fact, most people don’t show up at all.

Don’t be mistaken. Simply going to work to go through the motion isn’t showing up. Going to work with a strong desire to deliver results is.

Showing up shows your commitment. It differentiates you from the rest of the pack. But just showing up is not enough. We must give our all.

110%, at least.


Who can argue against the virtues of being generous?

Give. Give a lot. Give as much as you can. Give even when you’re broke. Give even when you’re in debt!

Seriously? Are we going overboard on giving?

There is a time to give. But there’s also time we shouldn’t. And one of such time where we shouldn’t would definitely be when we’re in debt.

You definitely should acknowledge your enthusiasm for wanting to give. But it’s just not the time. When you’re being burdened by debt, your sole focus is to become debt free. Which means allocating all your available money into paying off your debt.

Giving when you’re in debt is not just wrong, it’s irresponsible. Because it’s your duty to pay the people whom you owe money to first. And because you don’t pay off your debt, you’ll probably incur unnecessary interests and other charges. Which will also probably incur your wife’s or husband’s wrath.

However, you should use your enthusiasm to give as a motivation to quickly pay off your debt. Because once you become debt free, you would have finally “earned” the rights to start giving.

Successful People Serve

Average people see money primarily as something they can use to buy more things.

Successful people see money as a proof of their contribution to others.

Average people receive money from trading their personal time.

Successful people receive money from how much value they give to others.

Want to become successful? Think of ways you can be a servant to as many people as you can. How can you make their lives better? How can you resolve their frustrations?

Average people think serving others is cheap. Successful people think of serving others as the most powerful way of becoming wealthy and successful.

Think about it, people like you and me are really served by people like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg.

Think of money in terms of value, not time. The more value you provide to other people, the more successful you’ll become.


Investing is widely regarded as something that is beneficial, especially if we are seeking to grow our finance.

But if everyone is hoping to become wealthier, why isn’t everyone investing?

Some people don’t invest because they can’t afford to. After allocating most of their monthly income to other commitments, they simply don’t have enough money to put into investing.

Then, there are others that don’t invest because they perceive investing as a high risk endeavor, only suitable for those who have the time to stare at stock charts all day long. This is simply not true.

Beside money, investing definitely also requires adequate knowledge. These knowledge can easily attained from resources such as books, videos, and investment websites. You definitely don’t need to be a Warren Buffett or Ray Dalio to start investing.

On top of that, investing would also require some experience and one way to achieve that would be to start small.

Someone who wishes to take advantage of investing can start off by just investing a small amount of money into it. And the earlier one starts to invest, the better. Only when they have gained more confidence, then they can decide if they would like to increase their investment funds.

Investing used to be a rich man’s game. But not anymore. Today, people from all walks of life are investing from the convenience of their smartphones.

You can simply open an account with one of the many available brokerage firms and start investing your money right away.

Unfortunately, for every ethical broker out there, there is one that is self serving and want you only to help them fulfill their own commission and sales target.

It is only my responsibility to remind you to always be cautious about greedy brokers, complicated investing fees structure, and undesirable length of minimum period of duration. Too complex? Just remember that if something is too long, too expensive, and too complicated, just walk away. Missing out on a great investment is always better than getting stuck in a rotten one.

Always ensure that your broker is reputable and also that you are comfortable with whoever’s helping you.

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The Waiting Game

We spend all our lives perfecting the waiting game.

We wait for our bosses to give us our promotions. We wait for the exotic vacation that we have planned for to arrive in six months time. We wait for our economy to recover. We wait for our customers to come patronize our services. We wait for the next Marvel movie to be released. We wait and we wait..

And that’s the problem. We are simply waiting too much. We have grown accustomed to waiting for things to happen to us.

Successful people, on the other hand, have long realized that for good things to happen to them, they can’t keep waiting forever.

Success comes to the proactive few. They know that in order for them to succeed, they need to take actions. They need to commit themselves to take the leap.

Successful people pursue success like how a hungry lioness pursue a sprinting gazelle. A lioness who waits for it’s prey to walk into it’s den will only face starvation.

The only way to seek success is to simply seek it with strong intentions. Unless you realize this, your desired success will only continue to evade your grasp.

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