In life, those who solve the most problems win. Obviously, this statement is just too simplistic but there’s a great deal of truth to it. Successful people are also the best problem solvers. They thrive on problems because problems are opportunities. On the other hand, average people just want to run when they encounter one. … Continue reading Problems

Give an Inch, Take a Mile

A very interesting conversation with some friends came up today that led to the analysis of this idiom – Give an inch, take a mile. You might not know, the Chinese version of this idiom, “得寸进尺” (de cun jin chi), is heavily drilled into Chinese kids since young. Ask any Chinese kids in the streets … Continue reading Give an Inch, Take a Mile

The Way of Success

Most people are average. Few are successful. Some achieve success with pure luck but most do so because they stay true to the way of success. If you’re looking to rely merely on luck to achieve success, good luck. That itself, is a mindset that contradicts the whole principle of becoming successful. But if you’re … Continue reading The Way of Success

Believe That You’ll Succeed

Most people start working without believing that their hardwork will eventually lead to anything remarkable. Actually, that’s rather noble. After all, we often hear “do first, think later”. We don’t want to end up being paralyzed by our analysis. And yes, this is really a good advice. After all, there’s no point in thinking, thinking, … Continue reading Believe That You’ll Succeed

Know You’re Successful

Do you think you will become successful? Actually, this is a trick question. Successful people never think if they’ll become successful. They know they’ll become successful. Thinking is a rudimentary mindset, which means that if you’re just thinking, you aren’t fully bought or committed to the idea yet. On the other hand, when you know, … Continue reading Know You’re Successful

Success? When?

Why hasn’t results come? The funny thing about success is that it truly is all about mindset. And you, like most people, have been indoctrinated with how to be average for far too long. Think about it, you probably have been unspectacular in your accomplishments for the past 20, 30 or even 40 years. How … Continue reading Success? When?

Successful Environment

The other day I was taking the bus and by the end of the journey, I’ve written five blog entries. Not just rubbish entries but deep and well thought-out ones. Sometimes, when we’re stuck, it’s not because we’re devoid of ideas and inspirations. But rather, our environment isn’t encouraging and stimulating enough for our creativity. … Continue reading Successful Environment

90 Percent of the People

Right now, I’m actually in the midst of writing three books. Unfortunately, I am also encountering some major life challenges and they are affecting my capacity to do so consistently. I have so many new discoveries to share with my readers and it annoys me that I have to put them all on hold.Someday, these … Continue reading 90 Percent of the People

2 Year Anniversary

It’s been two years and I’m glad that my blog isn’t just surviving, it’s actually still thriving. I’m still as, or even more, motivated than when I first started. When I first started, I just wanted to experience the amazing sense of pushing myself and accomplishing things that I never thought I could. I just … Continue reading 2 Year Anniversary


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