Loved Ones

I’m really, really fortunate. Why do I say that? Because at present, all my loved ones are well and healthy. What motivated me to write this entry? I realized that we are so busy in our lives, about everything else, that we forget to be grateful. We forget to be contented about what we already … Continue reading Loved Ones

Why Are You Here?

Have you ever wondered why are you here? Like, why you? Why out of an infinite number of chance, it’s you. You didn’t happen by chance. Rather, your existence is a calculated occurrence. You weren’t put here to go through the most mundane of lives and die. We live in an amazing world, an amazing … Continue reading Why Are You Here?

An Employee

Is there anything wrong with wanting to remain as an employee? No, no, no. There are so many meaningful and highly paid jobs in our society. So, what’s the problem? The problem happens when people who do not want to remain as an employee, continue to remain as one. The problem is when people who … Continue reading An Employee

Lack of Motivation

One of the most common problems we have is a lack of motivation. When we are lacking in motivation, we simply can’t find the strength to pull ourselves up, to get what needs to be done, done. One of the best ways to overcome lack of motivation is to remind ourselves of the purpose we … Continue reading Lack of Motivation

Revealing My Stock Investing Strategy

The other day, my friend and I were discussing about a stock that I bought. He asked me, “do you really trust this?” I replied, “I trust my strategy.” But what’s my strategy? Long-term + Big companies with high potential selling at cheap prices


Most people would see the main benefit of investing is to increase one’s wealth. That is true. However, beside increasing one’s wealth, there’s other benefits to investing. People who invest automatically activate their eye to see in terms of long-term. All successful people are visionaries. This simply means that they see far. They have a … Continue reading Investing


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