Reading is Powerful

With so many distractions nowadays, it is no wonder reading is slowly becoming a lost art. But do you know that the average number of books read by a CEO is 60 books per year? Most people don’t even read a single one and I wonder why most of them are average. For most people, … Continue reading Reading is Powerful

It Has Finally Arrived

Have you always wanted to be successful but you realized that no matter what you do, at the end of the day, the only thing you get is just more frustrations? What are the things that are constantly holding you back? Why isn’t the seemingly inspirational quote – Aim For The Moon. If You Miss, … Continue reading It Has Finally Arrived

Revealing 2 Secrets

In 2006, Rhonda Byrne released her book, the Secret. It shooked the world. Today, it has sold over 30 million copies. I must admit that the Secret has left a deep impact on me since then. Today, I would also like to share with you two secrets of my own. The first secret that I … Continue reading Revealing 2 Secrets

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is one of my greatest inspirations. The messages he spread are always candid and straightforward. Rich people buy assets. Poor people buy liabilities. Assets are what put money in your pocket. Liabilities are what take money out of your pocket. Gold and silver are God’s money. Cryptocurrency is people’s money. Cash is fake … Continue reading Robert Kiyosaki

Middle-Income People

Middle-income people are supposed to be happy people. But obviously, that doesn’t seemed to be the case. Debt, rat race, material desires, deprivation, high medical costs, are all problems associated with them middle-income group. A study shows that 78 percent of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck. This means that they are just one … Continue reading Middle-Income People


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