My Blog and My Inspiration

This blog that you are reading right now was started during the start of Covid. It’s actually closing in on its second year and that is something which I am really proud of. Back then, like many others, my employer sent us all back to work from home. With extra time to spare, I decided … Continue reading My Blog and My Inspiration

Commit and Succeed

Everybody wants success – more money, fame, houses, power, etc. – but what separates those who are serious from the pretenders is – Commitment. Words are cheap. That’s why unsuccessful people talk a lot but have little to show. Yes, they want more success but when you ask them if they can work fifteen minutes … Continue reading Commit and Succeed

Honestly, Honesty is Overrated

Perhaps your religion say you must be honest always. Perhaps your parents taught you that. Perhaps you learned that in school. Of course, it’s the easiest thing to say. Be honest. Tell the truth. Don’t lie. Don’t hide. Don’t lie because when you lie, you’ll start a vicious cycle of having to find a lie … Continue reading Honestly, Honesty is Overrated

What Time You Wake Up Determines Your Success

Most people wake up at 6, brush their teeth, wash up, leave home, grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich on the way to their office and begin their work day. Does that sound familiar? Successful people (always) do things a little different. They wake up a little earlier, 5am. Some, even 4. Then … Continue reading What Time You Wake Up Determines Your Success