The Power of Living In the Moment

We always hear “live in the moment, live in the moment”. But what does living in the moment exactly mean and how does it actually benefit us? Mankind has discovered, and agreed, on the way to measure time. We do so by counting seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, and so on. One hour has … Continue reading The Power of Living In the Moment

The True Leader

Do you have any followers? If you do, you might not even realize it but you are indeed already a leader. Most people don’t see themselves becoming a leader. They simply can’t imagine themselves ever becoming one. Anyone can be a leader but the first thing a potential leader needs to do is to step … Continue reading The True Leader

Be Nice, or Not?

Some people may find this obnoxious but I prefer not to sugarcoat it. Personally, I just don’t know what’s the need  to be nice because I’m already nice! And I believe that is the case for most people as well. My point is, if you’re already nice, why should you continue to pay additional attention … Continue reading Be Nice, or Not?

Stop Explaining

Stop explaining. Explaining wastes precious energy and time. You are not brought here to explain. If you feel that you need to explain everything to everyone, you will not have enough time to create valuable work. You’d be surprised that most people aren’t even looking for your explanations. They are just looking for your reaction. … Continue reading Stop Explaining

Success is Art

The secrets of success lie in us. After all, we’ve beaten a hundred million others to win the ultimate prize called Life. You may have forgotten how hard you once swam and successfully fended off everyone else to cross the finishing line. Speed is not everything. Luck is crucial too. If you had arrived too … Continue reading Success is Art