Empathy is one of the most important ability if one desires for success.

One person can’t be successful by himself. He will need to reach out to others.

He will need to give, serve, and inspire.

And because of that, it is important that he is able to understand how others feel.

Make Use Of Your Current Situation

Perhaps you are broke and average as you’re reading this.

But you don’t know that your current situation is a blessing in itself.

Yes, you may not have an abundance of resources to award you the freedom of choices you wish to have.

But this, will some day pass.

When we are deprived, that’s when we will work the hardest and at our most creative.

Before your imminent success arrives, cherish all of your current situation. Make use of it to propel you to the heights you desire.

Because someday, they will be gone for good.

Most People Are Only Given 3 Choices In A Day

To have the freedom to choose is a happiness that we often take for granted.

It is also something that we often take for granted. And most of us, we only truly have 3 in a day.

The first choice we get to make is what we choose to see on our phones. That is why we are so enamored with the tiny gadget on our hands.

The second choice is what to choose our meals. This is especially true for lunch. You see, most of us go to work for a long stretch of time in a day. We are often compelled to do a set of required tasks, day in day out. And lunch is the only reprieve we get to make some kind of choice during those arduous hours.

The third choice is when we reach home and lie comfortably on the couch, choosing the shows we want to watch on Netflix.

What kind of life are we living if we are only entitled a miserable 3 choices in our day?

The difference between successful people and average people is that successful people do things that result in themselves having more choices.

Whereas average people settle for what they are given.


Most people think if they fail, the world will die.

Of course it won’t.

The best outcome is, of course, you succeed.

The second best outcome is you fail.

The worst is you didn’t even try.

What I Write and Like

I love to write. Especially about success.

But I don’t like to write things like “10 ways you can achieve success”.

I like to push a little. Explore what’s beyond the boundaries. I prefer questions like “pick one, your family or your career?”

I love movies. One of my favorites is the Truman Show. I think our mind are so enclosed that we don’t even realized that there’s a world outside. Another great movie that I love is The Game (1997).

Recently, I watched the Naked Director on Netflix and I was blown away. You should watch too.