What’s Your Score Today?

If you were to give yourself a score today, what would it be?

Ask yourself, how purposeful had your day been? Then give yourself a score from one to ten. One being not purposeful and ten being very purposeful.

Ideally, we’d want to live a score of ten daily, but how possible is that? If you can do it, I applaud you. But it’s difficult. Nonetheless, we should strive to live consistently an eight. You see, when we live consistently a higher score, it means that our every day has been lived meaningfully, purposefully, happily, and productively. It means that our days haven’t been wasted. When we live our lives like that, we feel accountable to ourselves. We feel confident. Because we feel that we can be answerable to ourselves and to the people that matter to us.

But when we consistently live a low score, for example a two or a three, our behavior will give off a sense of guilt and embarrassment. After all, that means we haven’t been doing what we are supposed to be doing.

Scoring ourselves isn’t meant to shame us, but to remind us to do better. What do you need to do to achieve a higher score? Exercise? Work hard on your goals and dreams? Attain results that you have set out to attain?

What’s your score today?

9 Out of 10 People Will Disagree With You

In life, 9 out of 10 people will disagree with you. And this has caused plenty of stress and sadness. People who are happy and successful have already known this. That is why they don’t place their focus on those people. Happy and successful people are always conscious of only placing their focus on the 1 that agrees, or appreciates, them.

You see, life isn’t about appeasing everyone. It’s about providing value for your audience. Successful people serve their audience. Unsuccessful people serve their haters.

Unfortunately, while you’re trying to grow your 1, your 9 will grow as well. Don’t let that impede you on your journey to success. Let your 9 grow because when your 9 grows, your 1 grows as well! And that is all that matters.

Bad Tempered People

In life, few bad tempered people succeed. Yes, they have that fire that is required to succeed but that fire is usually placed on the wrong focuses, thus, leading them to go running in circles.

Bad temper is a sign of poor control. Bad tempered people allow their circumstances to control their emotions. Successful people are always in control. They are always in control of their emotions, their time, their wealth, their actions, and their destiny.

Bad tempered people get offended with everything. They solve the problems they encounter but with an unnecessary abundance of energy. They expend a hundred levels of energy to solve problems that may require only twenty. Over time, the most probable outcome will be only an increase in stress, frustrations and demoralization.

If you’re a bad tempered person, fret not. The next time you encounter an antagonizing situation, quickly remind yourself to practice control.

Strength doesn’t only refer to the physical strength we exert when we are carrying or moving things. Strength can also be referring to mental strength and mental strength is the kind of strength that most people tend to forget, since it is an invisible force. But it is those who have high levels of mental strength that become massively successful in life.

Wild Animals vs Zoo Animals

If given a choice, would you choose to be a wild animal or a zoo animal?

A wild animal is free. It can choose to roam its habitat freely. It can choose to hunt whichever food they feel like having. But wild animals are constantly exposed to the danger of the elements. Droughts, floods, predators, famine, rivals, etc.

A zoo animal is well fed, well sheltered, but lack of any meaning in life.

Most people are like zoo animals. Similarly, they are well fed, well sheltered and also lacking in any meaning in their lives. Think about it, most of us accept a barely acceptable job, a barely acceptable income, in order to get through our barely interesting day to day lives.

If you truly desire to live a meaningful life, there’s no question which you should choose. Only by living in alignment with your purpose you will be able to find major success, meaning, and happiness in life.

Life Is A Race Against Time

Most people don’t realize that life is indeed a race against time. They fail to realize this because most people simply do not have a life mission to accomplish. These people live a life of existence, rather than a life of substance. Life is empty without the living. Going at it day by day, without meaning, barely surviving, having nothing much to celebrate about, is a criminal waste of life.

Everyday is important. Everyday must be cherished. If I go through a day without accomplishing anything, I feel a great deal of disappointment. I write down why has it happened and how can I not ever repeat it again. Everyday you must accomplish more than yesterday. Everyday is an opportunity for you to give a little of yourself to make the world a better place. When you start to think bigger in that sense, you will start to see life in a whole new way.

Whether you are young or old, it is never too late. Spend some time to contemplate on your purpose, goals, dreams, and mission in life is. You have a long way ahead of you to achieve it and on your way, you will definitely be rewarded, whatever the reward is. Start working on your success immediately so that you can have something to look back on a few years from now.