Ideas, Motivation, and Success

Success is achieved by hard work. But what is hard work achieved by? If you don’t know this, you’ll not understand how to even start to work hard.

Hard work is achieved by ideas and motivation. If your ideas and motivation are strong enough, they will turn the gears in you into taking the kind of actions that will take you to success.

Ideas and motivation are not invisible, neither are they innate. ideas and motivation are, and can be, created – often by the problems and opportunities one sees.

Yes, they aren’t invisible or just plain imagination. Neither are they hyperbole. They are real. They are created through the (positive) growth of our brain tissues. That means we can grow, nurture, and develop them intentionally.

Read, exercise, challenge your thought process, solve problems, diet, have sufficient sleep, meditate, manage your stress, maintain a positive mindset, do good and ship value, etc.

Stop all your meaningless activities that don’t contribute to your growth. Stop doing what everyone’s doing. Most people are overworked and underpaid. Most people died at 20 and are not buried until they are 80. Life is precious. It’s rare too. So, start living in alignment with your purpose and start achieving immense success, happiness and fulfillment in life.

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