I Finally Understood Life (And It isn’t Difficult)

How to live an amazing life? The kind of life you know when you’re wrinkled and feeble, will still be 100 percent satisfied and proud of.

No, it’s not a mansion. No, it’s not a car. (Although I don’t mind having either)

Life’s definitely not about 9 to 5. It isn’t about happiness, neither is it about unhappiness.

The real meaning of life is to do good. Yes, do good in abundance. Of course, to be able to do good in abundance often means that we need to first be able to take care of our basic needs, such as food and shelter, as per the teachings of Abraham Maslow. It’s only when we’re able to take care of our basic needs, we can then have the liberty to go do even more goods.

Charity, volunteer, helping people in need. Helping people grow. Give hope. Give money, time, and energy. People who give will receive. People who give are appreciated. They inspire others.

Spend your life living in alignment with your purpose. Ship value. Make people’s life better. Strive to make the world a better place.

Too many people focus all their energy on material gains, on their 9 to 5, and even on their kids. Don’t give every ounce of yourself to even your kids. So many people regret it. Not even to your spouse. We do our best we can for them but not at the expense of our wellbeing. We must always be number one.

So, I encourage you to start dedicating yourself to helping others. And don’t forget to share with the people around you as you do so. You’ll find them infinitely more fun and meaningful.

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