The (Real) Cause and Effect of Success

Success is all about cause and effect indeed. What’s the effect? Well, that’s success, of course. And what’s the cause of success? Many things but it all lies along the plane of working hard. Only, that isn’t really the cause.

You see, most people think that working hard is a cause but it isn’t. It’s still an effect. At most it lies somewhere between cause and effect but still it inclines more towards the effect. Most people fail to trigger themselves to work hard because it’s an effect. To achieve success, you must first achieve working hard. Working hard is at most a pre-effect.

So, what’s the cause? The cause is your brain. To elaborate, it’s the quality of your brain. Think about it, if your brain is being replaced by someone extremely successful rn, an Elon Musk’s or a Jeff Bezos, will you become successful? Of course. So, it’s only your brain, or to be more specific, the quality of your brain that’s keeping you average and unremarkable.

So, how can we improve the quality of our brain? That is indeed the right question to ask. The best way to better our brains is simply to feed it good thoughts. Read a ton of books, literally. Become the most knowledgeable person in your community. Knowledge is power.

Exercise. After all, our brain is a muscle and exercising is the best way to keep it physically healthy. Take supplements. I hear Omega 3 is good. I take them everyday.

Push yourself. Challenge yourself to do hard things, deliberately. Do the things you don’t like to do, the kind that makes you uncomfortable. Sleep early. Eat healthy. All these will help you build a successful brain.

You’re not going to be able to become successful overnight. It’ll take time. But once your brain has turned into a successful one, success will definitely be just a matter of time.

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