How to be Successful at Something, Anything

Contrary to what most people believe, our thoughts aren’t exactly invisible. Our brains create our thoughts which creates our reality.

Most people are average and they believe that that will never change. They hope that someday, they will. But hope is never enough. It may spark a sudden rush of motivation but without sustained effort, soon it’ll just fizzle into oblivion.

How to succeed in anything? Read. Reading isn’t just gaining knowledge. It’s easy to gain knowledge. But it’s difficult to gain knowledge and find the spark in motivation to apply the knowledge, coupled with courage, to take a leap of faith into success and a possibility of failure. Failure isn’t the worst thing in life. In fact, failing is the second best thing that can happen to someone who tries.

Read one book and you’ll be better than before. Read two books and you’ll be better than when you only read one. Read three and… you get what I mean.

Read a thousand. Oh my! I sincerely believe that if you read a thousand books, you will become the top five percent most knowledgeable person on that topic in the entire world. Read a thousand books about public speaking and tell me you won’t feel confident enough to speak publicly. Read a thousand books about investment and tell me you still won’t know what investment is. Similarly, read a thousand books about business, positivity, dogs, cats, and the weather, etc.

When your mind is so full of knowledge, you become massively confident in that subject. When you’re so confident and knowledgeable, you’ll be able to find mediums to translate them into actions and bring value to others. That’s where success becomes an inevitability. You will struggle to just keep your knowledge within yourself.

So, first buy yourself a bookshelf. Then, fill it with books. A thousand of them, or even better, two thousands of them. And witness your life change.

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