My 2022

We’re nearing the end of 2022. How has the year been for you? Are you on track to achieving, or possibly even exceeding your goals? Are you even a better you as compared to 2021?

For me, 2022 has been quite a intriguing year. Very tough year. Failed almost all my goals. But at the same time, it’s the year I grew the most. You see, my wife became ill and I had to drop everything on hand to take care of her. In another words, my priorities changed.

I set out to write three books this year but I only succeeded in achieving a big fat zero. The biggest positive is that my change in mindset actually resulted in a positive outcome, which is I received a promotion, allowing me to contribute by helping others to grow.

You see, for the past three years, I’ve read almost all the most powerful books available – business, leadership, positive mindset, investment, meaning of life, war, communication, biographies, writing, etc. And there’s no way I can deny that they haven’t contributed to my growth in my mindset, my career, and my life as a whole.

Three years and I’ve written a book and gotten a promotion. Happiness? Check. Sense of fulfillment? Check. Amazing relationships? Check. Living in alignment with my purpose? Check. Debt-free? Check. What else can I ask for?

I am clear. This is happiness. Why am I so clear? Because it isn’t always like this. There was a time where I was broke, in debt, my car even got taken away, my career was going nowhere, I woke up every morning depressed and sick, literally. Every morning, I will wake up with either migraines or diarrhea. I became bloated, resembling the Michelin marshmallow man. There’s just no future in sight.

Today, I’m in control. And, again, it’s all because I chose to change my mindset.

To conclude, good health is everything and everything else is just a bonus.

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