When People Disagree With You

When people disagree with you, how do you feel?

I know, it can feel really exasperating at times. We naturally want everyone to agree with us because that would suggest that we are right. After all, everyone wants to be right. Who wants to be wrong? No, like honestly, who wants to be wrong?

Firstly, we need to realize that when other people disagree with us, that doesn’t mean we are wrong – even though that is exactly how it feels like most of the time. When others disagree with us, it simply means we are different.

I still remembered something I said when I was giving my best man speech during my best friend’s wedding: I always believe that if the everyone agrees with everyone else about everything, every time, the world will be such a boring place. The problem is not to have disagreements but to do so in a respectful manner.

If the disagreement persists and it’s not going anywhere, then realize that it’s probably time to move on. A consensus could still be achieved, not today, but some other time.

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