Retirement Planning is a Lie

Work hard. Be diligent. Suck it up. Put 20 percent aside every month for your retirement and hopefully, you’ll have enough to retire when you’re 65, if not 85.

Personally, this way of doing retirement is simply doing it wrong. This kind of retirement planning sounds plain miserable to me.

You see, when we’re in our most productive and energetic years, we should be giving our all and living the time of our life. We should be focusing all our energy, time, and resources on working towards a life of abundance, rather than putting in $200 aside every month hoping that we have X amount after 40 years to finally retire.

Most people should invest in such meaningful and deep work that their retirement funds can be achieved in five to ten years’ time. Then, they spend the rest of their life not worrying about retirement, but rather, thinking of how to even bring more value to others.

Unbeknownst to most, the conventional method of retirement planning is already a resignation in itself.

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