The God of Victory

Have you ever watched one of those “miracle” videos where victory was plucked from nothing?

The video of a basketball player hurling a desperate, impossible full court buzzer beater and winning not just the game but the championship?

Or the video of the soccer teams scoring two or even three goals within seconds in the dying moments to win the ultimate prize?

Perhaps, these are indeed lottery-like miracles. But I don’t like to think of them as that. I like to think of them as the work of the God of Victory.

You see, the God of Victory does exists and the way to summon him is to never give up. That is how the basketball and soccer players who hit the winning shots and score the winning goals succeeded.

Most people will admit that such outcomes will never happen to them. I don’t blame them. They only happen on TV but almost never in real life. Most people, perhaps even you, think that your life is destined for the 9 to 5 and doomed for eternal mediocrity. But that’s not true. All you need is to believe. The moment you give up the thought that you can indeed achieve unbelievable results, or the so-called miracles, the God of Victory abandons you for someone else. What for? There are eight billion people on this planet. He doesn’t have the time to waste on you.

Believing in yourself is the utmost important. Without believe, nothing happens. Once you believe, you activate kinetic energy and possibilities start to kick in. Believe long and hard. Don’t believe halfway. Some people say, “I believe but success didn’t come.” Then, they give up. Believe has to be long and hard. Flaccid believes simply don’t inspire results.

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