Why You Should Start Giving

Giving is good, we get it. But why? How?

Giving is one of my favorite topics to write about. It’s deep. It’s noble. But beyond that, there’s so much that preachers of giving don’t emphasize enough.

Why is giving good, not just to the beneficiaries, but even more for ourselves? It’s true that when we give, we are the biggest beneficiaries. Much more than those who receive the objects of our giving.

When we give, we are actually activating a phenomenon that can only be activated by the act of giving. The amount that is being activated is determined by how much we give, how much we can give, what we give, and how we give. But that’s secondary because what’s primary is still to actually start giving – openly and without fear.

Have you ever seen billionaires giving away large portions of their wealth? Of course, money isn’t so much of a problem for them as it is for commoners like us. After giving away billions, they will still have billions remaining in their assets. But for us, giving aways a hundred or two could very possibly have a significant and direct impact on our’s and our family’s lives.

But what I want you to observe isn’t how much the rich and powerful give. What I want you to observe is how they feel after giving.

Everytime after giving, they will feel like as if they’re on top of the world. That is what the act of giving can do to, not just the Bill Gateses and the Warren Buffetts, but also to people like you and me.

If you have never given (consistently and intentionally), you will never get to enjoy this indescribable sensation of giving. When you give, immediately you grow. You become more generous. You become kinder. You become a beacon that radiates infinite positive energy which touches everyone around you.

Good people will start to gravitate towards you. Your loved ones, your bosses, your colleagues, your direct reports, your customers, and even strangers, those you bump into on the street or sit beside you on a train back home, will start to appreciate your presence and wants to be around you all the time. First, fine people and ideas come. Next, opportunities follow. And lastly, positive outcomes like success and happiness will inevitable come knocking on our doors.

Now, tell me, how will this not improve your life?

This ain’t some hyperbolic claim but a simple result of cause and effect. All the joy in the world can come into your life just by the simple act of giving.

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