90 Percent of the People

Right now, I’m actually in the midst of writing three books.

Unfortunately, I am also encountering some major life challenges and they are affecting my capacity to do so consistently. I have so many new discoveries to share with my readers and it annoys me that I have to put them all on hold.Someday, these books will be published.

Sometimes, in life, we feel unworthy. Things aren’t going our ways. Results fall short of our expectations. To be honest, I do feel like that at times. Do you?

But I have found the answer to this and it is to realize that you’re truly a fortunate person. In fact, you’re so fortunate that you don’t realize that 90 percent of the people in the world would wish to have a life like yours. What’s fascinating is that this isn’t even a hyperbole but simply a fact.

When you realize the fact that 90 percent of the people wants to have your life, you become a beacon that radiates positivity and inspire the people around you.

You get elevated to the role of a leader, a humble leader who sees himself (or herself) as a vessel who exists to ship value and naturally capable of making the lives of others better.

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