The True Meaning of Life

In 2020, I started this website with the sole intention of finding the purest meaning of life.

Yes, I talk a lot about success. Even my debut book is called The Aim for the Moon Mindset. But success is such a broad subject and often, our definition of success isn’t always the same.

Some people want to spend all their time and energy on work. Indeed, they will find much success there – money, status, power, etc. But if they invest everything only into their work, it is a guarantee that other parts of their life, such as family and health, will suffer.

Of course, such dichotomization isn’t totally fair as well. But two years after the creation of my website, my blog, I still believe that a meaningful life is one that is well-rounded and well-balanced.

Why did I choose success as my life path? No, it’s not just about wanting to “earn more money” or “buy more things”. Those are too superficial reasons. You see, when you aim for success, you set high standards for yourself, you become focused, and you give yourself a chance to be the best you.

I have a friend who, one day, the doctor told him that his wife had stage three cancer. At that point of time, everything went blank. Nothing else mattered anymore. Losing the love of his life became a realistic possibility. And his wife was only 29 years old then.

Did he had the right to feel sad? Yes. Was he sad? Of course. But he didn’t allow himself to choose sadness over happiness. Surely he isn’t happy. But why choose sadness? Why give sadness the attention? Choosing happiness over sadness doesn’t mean we suppress our emotions. Using suppression as a tool is definitely something dangerous. If we are not careful, one day, they will erupt like a thousand year old volcano.

Choosing happiness means choosing to be kind to yourself. It means that instead of thinking “I only have a short time left”, we choose to think “thank God for giving me this amount of time. I am going to make best use out of it.”

Obviously, it ain’t easy. Why? Because a positive mindset must be developed over time and not just when you need it. And if you haven’t started, now is the best time to do so.

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