The Greatest Success

Health is wealth. How true is that. Taking care of our health should be a top priority, much more than anything else.

Without our health, what fun is there in earning tons of money. Without our health, what meaning is there to have world-class purposes and heavenly goals and dreams in life? Of course, even I must admit that such dichotomization isn’t exactly fair, but almost.

If you’re exercising regularly, watching your meals, having enough sleep, and managing your mental health. Basically, if you’re healthy, you’re 99 percent successful. Yes, it’s true.

An indication for me that something is wrong is when I stop exercising. When exercising is being put behind work, family, bills and chores and a hundred other important things, something is indeed wrong. Nobody is saying that work is not important. Neither is anyone saying that our family is not important. In fact, they are everything to us. But health is something else.

At times, we do have to put taking care of our health aside – a sudden influx of work, a sudden family crisis, etc. But if we’re not exercising for months and years, can we really still say everything is okay?

Stay healthy, stay happy and stay successful always.

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