How to Succeed

To succeed, we need to first elevate ourselves. And to achieve that, we must first elevate our mind. We need to change our mindset. We need to have a better mindset, believing that we are capable enough.

Set high standards for yourself. Set big goals. Acknowledge your dreams. Our dreams are naturally big. Small dreams don’t exist. Nobody has small dreams. Small goals yes – because people are afraid to set big goals, fearing that they will fail in achieving them. But all dreams are big because that’s how dreams are supposed to be.

When you set high standards for yourself, the rest of your every existence will grow and try to catch up to the high standards you have set. Most people want to be safe and small because they are afraid of not being able to live up to the expectations of thinking – and being – big. Unfortunately, nobody achieve anything big by thinking small. Thinking small is thinking small. It is succumbing to fears. Don’t mistaken thinking small as being detailed, which is an important component of becoming successful.

When you set high standards for yourself, people around you can feel it. It’s not something that many people do, that’s just how it is. When you set high standards for yourself, you inspire others. You positively influence them to dare to do more. You induce tiny dose of “maybe I can do it too” thoughts and beliefs in them. You show them that there is nothing to fear and all fears are just false evidence appearing real. Even if challenges do indeed arise, you, with a little bit of faith and effort, have everything you need to overcome them.

You become a leader. Real leaders are successful. They lead from the front. They lead by examples. And they lead with results. Pretenders, on the other hand, only lead with their mouth and occasionally, their flaccid index finger. Leaders always say, “Winning shot or losing shot, just give me the damn ball.” This isn’t arrogance but confidence. Arrogant people think they are good. Confident people simply know they are good.

I wish you much happiness and success in your life.

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