We’re All on the Same Boat

Why do people say, “we’re all on the same boat.”

Why don’t they say, “we’re all on the same bus?”

The difference between all of us being on the same boat and the same bus is that if someone screwed up, we can’t just kick him off the boat but if we’re on the same bus, we can. Kick someone off the boat and he will become stranded or even drown and die. But if is kicked off the bus, he can still find his way home or to his desired destination by himself.

Being part of a team, like in a company, we can’t simply just kick a person out if disagreements occur or if he commit a few non-critical mistakes here and there. More can be done to help him. This also suggests that being in a team, we will need to be more patient with one another, especially when frictions begin to develop between the team members and it is also the team leader’s responsibility to sort it out.

I like something that I read about being a manager. When your ship is sinking, a manager does not need to hold a meeting. What a manager needs to do is to make a decision.

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