The Secret of Consistency

“Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe,” said Albert Einstein. And to achieve the optimum (or even any) level of efficacy can only be done with consistency. Consistency means to do it regularly, for years or even decades.

Almost everything we want to be successful in requires success. That’s no secret. And ask if anyone wants to be successful, everyone will raise their hands. Unfortunately, if you ask if they are willing to put in consistent hard work, most will keep their hands down.

It’s not easy to be consistent. After all, our nature is to go easy on ourselves. But here’s the secret to be consistent – do it everyday.

I say if something is important to you do it everyday. Perhaps, you do not need to. You may just need to do it three times a week. That may very well suffice. But few realized that doing it everyday is in fact an easier proposition than doing it, let’s say, three or four times a week. It may sound paradoxical but it’s true.

When you do it everyday, you don’t think whether you need to do it today or not. You just go and do. When you do it everyday, you harness the mighty power of momentum. When it’s time, you simply pick up your tools and go.

So, what’s important to you? Perhaps you want to lose some belly fat. Or you want to quit smoking. Or maybe, you want to achieve some levels of success in your passion. Regardless of what your goals are, remember, if you’re serious about achieving them, do it everyday.

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