Our purpose is like an alien’s mothership. It controls everything about you. Once you get it right, everything else becomes right. You naturally become more hardworking. You naturally become more focused. You naturally become more disciplined. You naturally become more courageous in your pursuit of your goals and dreams.

If you haven’t realized, focusing on hardworking without being clear or even knowing your purpose is difficult and unsustainable. And it’s the same if you focus on other traits independently without first finding out your purpose.

Unfortunately, most people go through their entire life not even knowing what their purpose is. If you don’t know your purpose, how would you know how meaningful your life has been lived, which is highly influential to how happy you can be?

Take a notebook and a pen and start contemplating about your purpose. Always remember, you set your purpose. You own your purpose. You are responsible for your purpose. Your purpose isn’t can’t be registered by others which include your parents, your partners, nor your boss.

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